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Al Jazeera's Adam May goes beyond riots in special on Baltimore

Maybe it's because he lives here and knows the city better than most national correspondents who came only for the riots. Or, maybe it's just because Adam May is a fine TV reporter.

But May's prime-time special, "Saving Baltimore," on Al Jazeera America at 10 p.m. Friday, tells a story that reporter after reporter from national news outlets has missed - or, worse, ignored.

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Why national TV coverage of Freddie Gray hearings seemed slight

Network and cable TV outlets devoted less daytime coverage to the Freddie Gray hearings in Baltimore than I expected -- especially cable.

It might be tempting to say there was a lot less coverage today compared to what there had been in April because there was a lot less violence. But the explanation is not that simple.

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Harbaugh acted like a jerk, but it's basically a Ravens production

In 28 seconds of a halftime interview Saturday night, Ravens coach John Harbaugh reminded me and thousands of others how rude and arrogant he can be.

He bullied and tried to humiliate Brent Harris, who was only trying to do his job as sideline reporter for the Ravens' preseason telecast of their game with the Washington Redskins.

See it here.

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Clinton, Bush not so inevitable in this summer of TV and Trump

Based on the reports out of the Democratic National Committee's summer meeting in Minneapolis today, the party's leaders still don't seem to get the political message of the summer: It's TV, not the powers that be, from which voters are taking their presidential cues.

Hillary Clinton and Jeb Bush were certainly the anointed ones at the start of summer.

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'House of Cards' looking for a few good nurses, docs, medical techs

"House of Cards" is casting for nurses, doctors and other medical personnel in the Baltimore area for scenes that are filming through Wednesday.

Here's the call for the Netflix political thriller as described on the Marinella Hume Casting Baltimore/DC Facebook Page. The series films in the Baltimore area with its main soundstages in Harford County.

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Bill O'Reilly and I debate his coverage of Trump on 'The Factor'

Last week, I wrote a column questioning the the way cable TV show hosts and interviewers were kissing up to Donald Trump.

Ever since the Fox News debate, the networks and cable channels can't get enough of Trump, and they couldn't be nicer in their interviews. They essentially let him dictate the terms -- calling in, for example -- and they rarely confront him the way Megyn Kelly did during the debate.

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