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Z on TV Critic David Zurawik writes about the business and culture of TV
How 'Morning Joe' lets itself look to be in the tank for Donald Trump

I had an animated conversation this morning with host Brian Stelter on "Reliable Sources" about the way MSNBC's Joe Scarborough has been using his show to shill for Donald Trump.

I wrote about it in August under the headline: "Could cable TV hosts kiss up any harder to Trump?" I wrote about it again Saturday under the headline: "Why are moderators, anchors hugging, kissing up to candidates so much?"

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Why are moderators, anchors hugging, kissing up to candidates so much?

Hugs, kisses, contributions and flat-out shilling – what’s going on between TV anchors and politicians in this crazed election season anyway? And why does so much of this kissing up involve the Clintons?

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Frank Underwood opens 'campaign office' in South Carolina ahead of primary

I don't like promotional campaigns for TV shows very much. But I am so psyched about the March 4 debut of Season 4  of "House of Cards" that I am starting to get into this one — posting trailers and other gimmicks from Netflix.

It's all meant to manipulate, of course. But why would anyone expect anything less from anything connected to Frank Underwood?

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HBO's 'Vinyl' hits TV high with Martin Scorsese

Transcendence, music, sex, drugs, capitalism and the American soul — that's the stuff of which HBO's "Vinyl" is made. And even by the "golden age" standards of TV drama today, that makes for moments of extraordinary television.

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Here's the latest trailer for 'House of Cards' Season 4

Netflix has released the latest trailer for Season 4 of "House of Cards."

Beyond the sense that there is still a lot of trouble in the marriage of Frank and Claire Underwood, you tell me what it means.

But it feels, hot, fast, nasty, dangerous, sexy and full of treachery.

That's good enough for me.

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Five media takeaways from New Hampshire election night coverage

Five media takeaways from New Hampshire primary night coverage:

1. As much as it wants to be considered a mainstream news organization, Fox News still marches to its own ideological drummer.

When Bernie Sanders, who swamped Hillary Clinton on the Democratic side, took to the podium for his victory speech tonight, every channel that I sampled carried it full screen.

But not Fox News.

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