A bittersweet farewell to Frank M. Reid at Bethel AME

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Former Raven Trevor Pryce to debut kids series 'Kulipari' on Netflix

For most athletes, their best years are well behind them by the time the hit the big 4-0. But at 41, former NFL star Trevor Pryce has found a new and what he calls a better life among the frogs and scorpions of "Kulipari."

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Z on TV: Baltimore media should be tougher police watchdogs

It's time for media in Baltimore to get real with the police.

A police department doesn't get as sick as the Department of Justice says Baltimore's is without lots of help. And if the media want to really make Baltimore a better place to live, they have to push back against the police — as unpleasant as it might be.

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Z on TV: City leaders can't blame the media for image-crushing DOJ report

For years, Baltimore civic leaders have been blaming the media for the city’s troubled image.

One of the favorite refrains when police practices were questioned was to use the metaphor of a few “bad apples” to suggest the media were emphasizing the negative exceptions to the positive norm, giving the whole department and city a bad name.

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MPT to produce promotional film about Ellicott City

Maryland Public Television announced today that it is going to make a film about Ellicott City that will "showcase the area for economic, residential and tourism development," according to a news release from the state-run broadcaster.

The station is characterizing the initiative, to be titled "Our Town Ellicott City," as its contribution to helping the area rebuild after the flood July 30.

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Syed book underscores role media played in reviving case

Not since the O.J. Simpson trial have the media played as crucial a role in a legal proceeding as they are now doing in the case of Adnan Syed.

With Simpson's 1995 murder trial in the killings of his wife, Nicole, and her friend Ronald Goldman, it was cable TV making the former NFL star's guilt or innocence a national, soap opera-like obsession.

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Bruce Elliott takes over Tom Marr slot at WCBM

WCBM-AM (680) named Bruce Elliott as its new mid-day host replacing Tom Marr, who died last month from a stroke following surgery.

Elliott, a veteran Baltimore radio show host, had been filling in for Marr during the 9 a.m.-to-noon weekday slot since early July.

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