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Net neutrality repeal the latest way Team Trump has ripped up media landscape in less than a year

Hardly a day goes by without President Donald Trump attacking some part of the mainstream media for what he calls fake news. These attacks, usually in the form of early-morning tweets, are in turn much discussed in the media throughout the day especially on cable news. Some days, it seems as if Trump’s tweets are all that is discussed.

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Fox telecast rises with level of Ravens play in 44-20 win

Sunday's telecast of the Ravens’ 44-20 win over the Detroit Lions started out a little ragged. But all sins are forgiven for a fourth-quarter stretch in which the broadcast team from Fox did everything right — and then some.

With 9:10 left in the game and the score at 27-20, the Lions were looking like they had enough offensive momentum to come all the way back and win the game.

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TV and the rise and (hopefully) fall of patriarchy

There is an irony that must be noted in television’s playing a leading role in making pariahs out of some of its biggest sexual predators lately, while Washington and much of corporate America drag their heels. TV, after all, has been the principal media teacher of patriarchy since its arrival in American homes after World War II.

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Matt Lauer firing: This is what real reckoning looks like

This is what a cultural reckoning looks like.

Eight days after Norah O'Donnell and Gayle King spoke movingly of their reactions to allegations of inappropriate sexual behavior by CBS colleague Charlie Rose, an equally shaken Savannah Guthrie told viewers today that her morning show co-host Matt Lauer had been fired at NBC.

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Odds looking longer for 'House of Cards' to continue

Trying to read the tea leaves on as unpredictable a situation as the one involving “House of Cards” following the firing of Kevin Spacey is a risky business.

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ESPN steady, solid in telecast of Ravens' win over Texans

Analyst Jon Gruden left most of his hot-dog act in the locker room Monday night, and, as a result, I haven't enjoyed an ESPN telecast as much as this one in years.

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