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'House of Cards' looking for a few good nurses, docs, medical techs

"House of Cards" is casting for nurses, doctors and other medical personnel in the Baltimore area for scenes that are filming through Wednesday.

Here's the call for the Netflix political thriller as described on the Marinella Hume Casting Baltimore/DC Facebook Page. The series films in the Baltimore area with its main soundstages in Harford County.

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Bill O'Reilly and I debate his coverage of Trump on 'The Factor'

Last week, I wrote a column questioning the the way cable TV show hosts and interviewers were kissing up to Donald Trump.

Ever since the Fox News debate, the networks and cable channels can't get enough of Trump, and they couldn't be nicer in their interviews. They essentially let him dictate the terms -- calling in, for example -- and they rarely confront him the way Megyn Kelly did during the debate.

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Virginia TV shootings take us to a new level of media immersion, intrusion

It is too soon to coherently sort the messages and meanings of the tragic shootings of TV reporter Alison Parker and photographer Adam Ward in Virginia this morning.

But the media aspects of the story, which are compounding by the hour, demand some on-the-run discussion.

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Is this the part where Trump finds out how fierce, tribal Fox can be?

I hope Donald Trump enjoyed his Friday night under the lights in Mobile, because given the mistake he made with Roger Ailes and Megyn Kelly last night, it could be all downhill from here for his candidacy.

I thought Trump was out of control after the Fox debate when he started attacking Fox show host Megyn Kelly on Twitter that night for the tough questions she asked.

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Cris Carter's excellent 'advice' typical of ex-jock-NFL-broadcaster mindset, culture

Thank you, Cris Carter.

I am still three weeks away from having to review my first Baltimore Ravens telecast of the season, and already I am sick of the ex-jock mindset that dominates and pollutes the studio shows and broadcast booths of all the networks and cable channels that do business with the NFL.

How am I going to last the season listening to guys like you?

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Could cable news hosts kiss up any harder to Donald Trump?

Could cable news TV kiss up any harder to Donald Trump?

Two weeks ago, I wrote about how sad it was to see all TV news coverage take a timid turn on Trump after the GOP candidate lashed out at Fox News show host Megyn Kelly in response to tough debate questions she had asked during the Fox GOP debate.

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