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Z on TV Critic David Zurawik writes about the business and culture of TV
Trump propaganda is even worse than you think on Fox News these nights

It is popular in some circles these days to refer to Fox News as state-run TV. That’s because of the channel’s steadfast support of President Donald Trump and the special Twitter-buddy relationship he has with some hosts like the morning crew of “Fox & Friends” or the bellicose Sean Hannity, who holds down the 9 p.m. hour on the conservative cable channel.

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Zurawik: Congratulations, City Hall, on making us look clueless — again

Let’s give it up for all the Baltimore leaders who were involved in the hiring, vetting and rubber-stamp approval of Darryl De Sousa as police commissioner five months ago.

With his resignation Tuesday, Baltimore is once again a national media punchline. And all the police-community-misery from the Gun Trace Task Force scandal to the uprising of 2015 is back on full display.

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Former WEAA manager sues Morgan State, alleging she was fired for not endorsing fraudulent reports

A former manager at Morgan State University’s WEAA radio is alleging fraud and political favoritism at the station in a lawsuit filed in Baltimore City Circuit Court.

Michele Williams, who was fired in August as director of broadcast operations at the school, is seeking $2 million for what her suit calls wrongful termination by the university and defamation on the part of a Morgan State dean.

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The more Trump attacks, the more popular culture articulates, celebrates role of the press

President Donald Trump calls us liars, haters, enemies of the people and scum.

On Wednesday, he upped the ante and threatened to take away press credentials from some outlets.

And you know what I say in response?

Thank you, sir, may we have another. The more obvious your desire to cow us into submission becomes, the more the story of how democracy depends on our freedom is sounded and heard.

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'Truth and Reconciliation' podcast to launch at WYPR with Mod Squad team from WEAA

Sean Yoes, Taya Graham and Stephen Janis, known to area radio listeners as The Mod Squad when they appeared on WEAA, will launch a podcast Wednesday at WYPR.

The new production, "Truth and Reconciliation," will explore law enforcement reform, community-police relations and social justice.

It is produced by Cianna Greaves.

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After 40 years of loving TV baseball, I've tuned out thanks to the Orioles and MASN

After 40 years of almost nightly TV viewing of major league baseball, I’ve tuned out. I think it’s for good — and for the best.

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