Zurawik: Firebombing suspect's social-media moves a sign the revolution is being live-streamed

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Firebombing suspect's social-media moves a sign that the revolution is being live-streamed

In 1970, jazz musician and poet Gil Scott-Heron recorded an enduring piece of pre-rap social prophecy titled "The Revolution Will Not Be Televised." You can hear a bit of it at the end of the opening montage on Showtime's "Homeland" each week.

Heron was talking about the commercial medium of network TV and its reluctance to honestly cover the unrest roiling American streets at the time.

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Son of Henrietta Lacks says Oprah, HBO exploiting his mother's memory

Lawrence Lacks, the eldest son of Henrietta Lacks, on Monday expanded his complaints about medical and artistic treatment of his late mother's life to include Oprah Winfrey and HBO.

HBO and Winfrey dispute the claims.

Winfrey is starring in an HBO docudrama, "The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks," set to premiere April 22 on the premium cable channel.

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'Shots Fired': Losing my faith in topical TV drama

I have long been been a champion of socially conscious TV dramas and mini-series.

I considered them a symbolic way for millions of us to vicariously work through our feelings about complicated social issues as we watched. The closer the drama connected to the headlines of the day, the better for viewers. I even believed such productions could change the world.

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Maryland Public Television would lose $3 million under proposed Trump budget

Maryland Public Television would lose about $3 million under the budget cuts proposed by the Trump administration, the state network said. 

That's the amount of MPT's grant from the Corporation for Public Broadcasting for fiscal year 2017 — roughly 9 percent of its budget.

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Stephen Adler, Jeffrey Toobin bring wisdom to Sunday morning TV

I was lucky enough to be part of two panels Sunday on CNN's "Reliable Sources," and each had something special to offer viewers.

The first panel looked at Trump and his relationship to the press last week. Everyone on it pulled their weight and then some.

But Stephen J.

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First hour of 'The Killing of Freddie Gray' podcast short on untold stories

Here’s the big tease in the first episode of “The Killing of Freddie Gray.” It came at the end of the “Undisclosed” podcast that dropped Monday night.

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