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In the midst of a wretched media campaign, Jealous needs a big debate performance

Ben Jealous better have a great debate Monday at Maryland Public Television.

In three decades of writing about media and politics, I have seen few campaigns at the level of governor as weak as the one Jealous has been running since he won the Democratic primary in June.

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Five takeaways from media coverage of the Rite Aid shootings

Sadly, Maryland media are getting all too familiar with covering mass shootings.

The shooting today at a Rite Aid distribution center in Harford County that left four dead and three injured comes less than three months after the shooting at The Capital Gazette in Annapolis that left five dead.

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Zurawik: Attorney General Frosh would be foolish to agree to a TV debate hosted by Sinclair

I have always believed that TV debates among political candidates are essentially a good thing. The more the better — and the better democracy is served by them.

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In the wake of Fager firing, CBS News looking as sexist, sick and predatory as Fox was

Maybe it doesn’t seem so shocking to some, because we have already seen the sins of patriarchy strip a top-rated news organization of its senior management and biggest star in the space of a year.

Roger Ailes and Bill O’Reilly were pushed out in a nine-month span at Fox News in 2016 and 2017.

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Zurawik: NFL Network delivers telecast worthy of prime time in Ravens' loss Thursday

One thing you have to say about the NFL Network’s coverage of the Ravens’ 34-23 loss to the Cincinnati Bengals on Thursday night: The channel did not try to do it on the cheap.

The NFL Network gave it everything any broadcaster could: a high-energy pregame show, a strong telecast with a veteran team in the booth and two solid sideline reporters, plus enough cameras to capture every play that mattered.

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CBS delivers a strong Ravens game telecast, but studio shows are a different story

CBS opened its NFL season in the Baltimore market Sunday with strong game coverage of the Ravens’ 47-3 shredding of the Buffalo Bills.

From Kevin Harlan and Rich Gannon in the booth, to Steve Tasker and a rain-sopped camera crew on the field, it felt like everyone on the CBS team showed up focused and ready to go at M&T Bank Stadium even though it was a telecast featuring two small TV-market teams.

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