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Frontline drills deep on how we got from 'hope and change' to Trump

The airwaves are flooded this week with retrospectives on President Obama's eight years in office and worried talk about where we are headed in the next four with Donald Trump.

There is not enough time to view all of it -- even on demand.

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HBO releases trailer for Barry Levinson's Bernie Madoff film

HBO released a trailer for "The Wizard of Lies," a docudrama on Bernie Madoff directed by Barry Levinson.

Robert De Niro plays Madoff, the jailed architect of an infamous Ponzi scheme, while Michelle Pfeiffer plays his wife, Ruth.

The film from the Baltimore-born director of "Diner," "Good Morning Vietnam," "Rain Man" and "Liberty Heights" is scheduled to debut in May.

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'Wire' alum Sonja Sohn directs HBO documentary on Baltimore

Baltimore in the wake of the death of Freddie Gray will be the subject of an HBO documentary directed by Sonja Sohn, the cable channel announced over the weekend on the Television Critics Association press tour in Los Angeles.

Titled "For the Love of Baltimore," the film will debut sometime this year, but no date is yet set, an HBO press release says.

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BuzzFeed's choice to publish dossier presents decision point for media values

Amid all the confusion, rancor and even bias in the coverage of Donald Trump the past 19 months, finally there appears to be some good news about the state of the press today. It looks like there is at least one legacy value most mainstream news organizations won't abandon in reporting on the president-elect: verifying information before publishing it, no matter how eminently clickable it might be.

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BuzzFeed undermines all journalists with Trump 'dossier'

I’ve never had much respect for BuzzFeed.

But I have only contempt for it now. And it is not just for publishing information about President-elect Donald Trump and Russia that it did not verify. It’s also for Ben Smith, BuzzFeed’s editor, attempting to explain the move in high-sounding rhetoric suggesting that doing so is what journalism looks like today.

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Baltimore's WBAL is back on DirecTV

WBAL is back on DirecTV after Hearst Broadcasting, the owners of the Baltimore station, and the satellite TV service reached a new agreement Saturday on carriage fees.

WBAL and 29 other Hearst TV stations have been off DirecTV since the start of the New Year in the dispute.

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