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Baltimore Mayor Rawlings-Blake will be part of ABC News election night coverage

Stephanie Rawlings-Blake, who recently banned a journalist from her weekly press briefings, will be joining the world of journalism on election night as an analyst for ABC News, according to the network.

Baltimore's outgoing mayor will be part of the ABC News production on one of the biggest TV journalism nights of the year. She will be among several analysts.

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Kelly, Gingrich and the beatdown of male privilege in Campaign 2016

In the wake of the release of Donald Trump's hot-mic "Access Hollywood" tape, I wrote that this presidential campaign was as much of a watershed moment in terms of gender as the 2008 was in terms of race.

It wasn't just a matter of the first woman likely being elected president of the United States.

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Z on TV: Agitated by Gumbel, Green in CBS telecast of Ravens loss

I was mainly fine with Sunday’s telecast of the Ravens’ 27-23 loss to the New York Giants until the point when there was only 2:11 left in the game.

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Megyn Kelly's debate question foreshadowed the story of 2016 race

Attention, Hollywood: I have the perfect opening scene for the made-for-TV movie version on the 2016 presidential race.

Even though the moment occurred 14 months ago, I didn't know how prophetic it was until the hot-mic videotape of Donald Trump telling "Access Hollywood" host Billy Bush how he sexually assaults women surfaced.

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Mayor's ban on WYPR reporter is outrageously anti-democratic

The ban by Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake on WYPR radio reporter P. Kenneth Burns is outrageously anti-democratic. It shows either a lack of understanding or utter contempt on the part of Rawlings-Blake for the fundamental role of a free press in a democracy.

As I have regularly written here, I have less than zero respect for the mayor's handling of the media aspects of her job.

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NBC expected to announce departure of Billy Bush

On Saturday, I called Billy Bush dead meat at NBC. And it looks as if the network, which suspended the “Today” show host Sunday night, is about to make that official.

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