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Z on TV Critic David Zurawik writes about the business and culture of TV
Mckesson adds social media to mayor's race; Warnock buys into TV

In terms of media, Baltimore's mayoral election went from boring to potentially one of the most fascinating local races in the country with the last-minute entry of civil rights activist DeRay Mckesson on Wednesday night.

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Roughly Speaking: Zurawik talks social media, politics and DeRay Mckesson

In this podcast:

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Joel Kinnaman part of Season 4 on 'House of Cards'

As part of a publicity campaign for the start of Season 4 of "House of Cards," Netflix today announced that Joel Kinnaman, who starred in AMC's "The Killing," is part of the cast this season.

Netflix released the above image on Kinnaman with star Kevin Spacey, who recently won his second Screen Actors Guild award as best actor in a TV drama.

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Five takeaways from Iowa caucus media coverage

Here are five takeaways from Iowa caucus-night media coverage:

1. Is there anything more obnoxious than a TV correspondent and camera crew making themselves part of the story rather than trying to cover it as unobtrusively as possible?

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Fox-Trump feud has to confuse those who are fans of both

CNN's "Reliable Sources" devoted its full hour Sunday to the feud between Donald Trump and Fox News, and I took part in two of the segments.

I don't think this story is over by a long shot, even if Trump and Fox play nice-nice with each other on the surface because it is to the advantage of each to do so.

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'House of Cards' will return to Maryland to film Season 5, Netflix confirms


On the heels of its announcement that “House of Cards” was renewed for a fifth season, Netflix confirmed to The Sun on Friday that the production would return to Maryland for filming.

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