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Trump's TV messaging machine not looking quite so mighty these days

President Donald J. Trump loves to talk about his TV ratings and how all the networks and cable channels benefit from his self-described tremendous appeal to viewers.

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Kavanaugh's introduction as Supreme Court nominee was slick prime-time TV. That has dangerous implications

I am convinced that one of the reasons Donald Trump won the presidency is that many citizens watched the campaign as if it were a prime-time soap opera or reality TV show and were entertained by the GOP candidate’s outrageous words, bombast and swagger. He seemed entertaining in an over-the-top, prime-time kind of way, so he didn’t seem dangerous.

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'Today' show lets Robin Wright avoid addressing Kevin Spacey allegations about 'House of Cards' set

The “Today” show got the first interview with Robin Wright for the final season of “House of Cards,” and interviewer Savannah Guthrie let the star of the Netflix series skate on addressing the most serious allegations of sexual harassment and assault on the set by Kevin Spacey.

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Sick of media filled with ugly political fighting? Guess what, it's going to get worse

Last Sunday night, all I wanted from TV was a little escape, a bit of emotional rescue from another week of political gut-fighting in the media and a horrible act of violence against members of the media in Annapolis.

Season 5 of the British crime drama “Endeavour” on PBS Masterpiece seemed tailor made to take me away.

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Powerful, moving words from Capital Gazette staffers on CNN's 'Reliable Sources'

The first half of Sunday’s “Reliable Sources” focused on the shooting that left five workers at the Capital Gazette dead Thursday, and it was exceptionally powerful television.

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'The Tunnel' returns to PBS and speaks truth to our border and immigration debate

Immigrant children being separated from their parents. Smugglers leaving their victims for dead before they reach the border. People who are seeking asylum finding horrors on their journeys worse than the ones they fled. Public officials making empty pronouncements and bad policies.

That might sound like a lineup of stories from the Texas border on one of the cable news channels tonight.

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