'True Blood' series finale recap, 'Thank You'

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Tonight is the night that we say goodbye to the people and supes of Bon Temps, La., forever.

We open up with Sookie and Bill – the end of this show is mirroring the beginning. He’s come over to talk about his decision to die. He’s waxing all nostalgic. Her living room is the first place where he “called” on her, meeting Jason and their grandmother. She’s confused because “nostalgia and suicide don’t mix.”

Basically, Bill is realizing the same thing that Angel realized with Buffy: Vampires and humans can’t have long-term relationships. Not if the human plans to stay human. There’s the whole thing with vampires’ natures being inherently evil, plus the living forever bit. Sookie’s going to get older and Bill’s still going to look however old we’re supposed to believe he was when he got bit in the 1860s. 

He reminds her that she has sworn him off several times in the past. The disease is making him feel more human than ever before and after over a century of living, he is ready to die. He also wants her to have a regular life, complete with children. She asks him to break up with her, since she doesn’t have the willpower to end it, but he doesn’t have that strength either. 

What he does have, however, is the gall to ask her to grant him the “Ultimate Kindness” by killing him with that nuclear ball of fairy light Niall taught her how to make last season. If she does that, he’ll meet the True Death and she’ll tap out all of her fairy powers. Two birds, one deadly ball of magic. Of course, she isn’t happy with the suggestion and asks him to leave. 

And the credits roll on a new episode of “True Blood” for the last time. Unexpected feels ensue.

Eric Northman 4-Ever

Mr. Gus is still stewing over Eric’s betrayal, (and making an origami swan out of a $100 bill, as one does) while Eric and Pam are in the basement formulating a plan. It starts with Eric setting Sarah free. But he promises to catch up with her. He’s done with his partnership with Mr. Gus and Yakanomo Corp. Now, he plans on killing Gus and stealing the idea for New Blood. Pam, of course, is pleased.

Eric glamours Sarah and Pam feeds her some blood so they can track her. They then alert Gus to Sarah’s “escape.” They admit to letting her go and swiftly do away with two of Gus’ men as the boss scurries out through the tunnel. He doesn’t make it far though, because Eric is on an awesome streak. He sets the place on fire and vamp zooms out with Pam off-screen. Then, he heads over to Sookie’s where he takes out the Yakanomo Corp. thugs that were there to kill her. Then, he speeds off in their car, with the dead bodies piled up in the backseat. He’s covered in their blood and rocking out to some EDM on the radio while looking pleased with himself. Basically, it is perfect. 

Pam and Sarah

Pam finds Sarah hiding out at the carousel where Eric turned Willa, eating garbage and looking feral. Sarah asks if she’s a horrible person and Pam happily confirms it. Sarah figures that a horrible person must make an excellent vampire and asks Pam to turn her. Of course, Pam says no and even gets a little rough with her after Sarah offers to take Tara’s role as her progeny/lover, with emphasis on the lover part of the equation. Pam isn’t even remotely interested in that setup. All she wants from Sarah is her blood so she can get “vaccinated.” She takes it while Sarah screams.

Vampire Bill does dad-like things

Jess and Hoyt arrive at Bill’s. At first, he and Hoyt make small talk as Jessica stands off to the side, silent and wounded. But what she really came to do is tell him that she doesn’t want him to die … but she will be OK if he does. He’s so thankful for her blessing that he asks Hoyt about his intentions with Jess.

Bill and Jessica’s relationship has been one of the most believable and adorable on the show. He really did become the loving and accepting father that she never had and she, the child that he actual got to raise. The scene is a sweet touch and Jess’ mortified face when Bill brings up marriage is perfect. Of course, Hoyt being a sweetheart, he isn’t the least bit embarrassed. He fully plans to marry her, but Jess interrupts by pulling Bill away.

Having Hoyt bring up marriage like that, after only a day worth of memories of her, is nothing like what she has dreamed. Bill assures her that love can truly happen that quickly, and with little time left, Bill wants to make sure Jess is OK and spoken for. Touched, Jess decides to ask Hoyt to marry her today, so that Bill can be there. A wedding during the series finale? Pulling out all the stops here, Show.

Sookie’s trying to get her life together

Sookie’s reminiscing about a conversation she had with Gran and Tara. The girls had run home in the rain and Gran made them hot chocolate. Sookie tuned into Tara’s thoughts and learned that she liked Jason. Demanding to learn one of Sookie’s secrets, Tara asks if she likes anyone, but because of her fairy telepathy, Sookie can hear all of the boys’ thoughts. And their thoughts are gross. She doesn’t think she’ll ever get married. Of course, Gran, being one of the best maternal figures on this show, swoops in and gives Sookie a rousing lecture about not putting limits on her life and going after the one she wants. Perfect advice. 

The next morning, she pops over to Jason’s and is let in by Brigitte. She’s shocked when Brigitte tells her that she and Jason didn’t sleep together, but no time to discuss that. Sookie makes Jason some of his instant coffee and brings him up to speed on her latest drama with Bill.

She’s not sure if she wants to lose her light, or if she could kill Bill even if she wanted to. Jason can’t give her any advice, but promises he’ll love her the same way.

Hoyt and Jess call Jason and Sookie, respectively. Hoyt’s in search of a best man and Jess is trying to scare up a wedding dress. Sookie and Jason spring into action, even grabbing flowers from the bush in front of Sookie’s house.

Wedding bells

Andy, Holly and Arlene arrive to the wedding early since Andy is supposed to officiate it. Once inside, Bill calls Andy into his office to atone for their complicated history and to will his home to Andy, since he cannot legally give property to Jessica, because she is a vampire. He wants Andy to rent it to Jess and Hoyt for $1/month. Andy obliges and makes me realize that I will really miss hearing him say “Vampire Bill.”

Hoyt and Jason have an awkward conversation about Brigitte. Jason isn’t mad about the punch to the face, but is happy to have his BFF back. He does tell Hoyt calling Brigitte will be a really stupid idea. Hoyt’s feeling kind of strange about marrying a woman he technically just met, but Jason assures him that his feelings for Jess are real and gives a sweet little pep talk. Male bonding can be really cute.

The show delays showing us Jess in her wedding dress until Bill sees her. She really does look beautiful. They happily walk down the aisle and Andy begins the ceremony. Bill giving Jess away was so sweet that I actually teared up. Bill sits beside Sookie and, for the first time, she is able to hear his thoughts. Naturally, she freaks a little, but doesn’t tell him what happened. She does allow herself to listen in again, just to hear him think that he loves her with everything he has and wants her to set herself free so that she can have a love like this one. 

Andy deviates from the script by saying that while the State of Louisiana won’t recognize their union, there is no doubt in his mind that God does.

After the wedding, Sookie tells Jason about hearing Bill’s thoughts, and they were all the right ones…except the part where he wants her to kill him. She also lets him know that she heard Brigitte’s thoughts, too, and if he winds up sleeping with her, Sookie approves. She also reminds him that Hoyt just got married. Brigitte isn’t his girlfriend anymore.

Sookie seeks guidance

She goes to church and talks with Rev. Daniels about her troubles. After coming out as a fairy (his reaction to that news is perfect), she asks him if he believes that God really created supes, as well, and if he did, does that mean it is wrong for her to not want to be a fairy. Daniels says that he believes that God made us, but that God does not have to walk in our shoes. He tells her that God expects us to use our free will.

Assured of her decision, she meets Bill in the cemetery at sundown. As much as I have hated their relationship over the years, Bill giving her a goodbye kiss and thanking her for agreeing to end him is beautiful. He hops into his open grave and lifts the lid on the empty coffin his human family buried when he didn’t return from war. Inside, he finds the photo of himself and his daughter that he gave her just before leaving for the battlefield. Blood tears ensue. Sookie tells him to get in before she loses her nerve. 

Sookie creates the ball of light, and looks into it, finally realizing what Bill is asking her to give up. It’s a part of her, as is Bill, and as much as she would like to, she can’t kill him with her light. She asks if he still wants to die and makes a stake out of the shovel handle. Climbing into his coffin, she tearfully brings the stake to his chest and he pulls it in. I kept expecting his death to be a fake out – for him to suddenly turn human once she used her light on him – but them really letting him die is actually the perfect surprise. 

New Blood

We fast-forward to a year later and ERIC NORTHMAN IS IN AN INFOMERCIAL. He’s president and CEO of New Blood, which is made “for vampires by vampires,” and they tell the story of Eric’s bout of Hep-V. I would pay money to hear Kristin Bauer van Straten say “invincible Viking vampire god” every single day. She didn’t give up because she had “a hunch” that Sarah Newlin had an antidote. They “never did find Miss Newlin” but they did find a few drops of her blood in one of her hideouts. They had some scientists synthesize it and tada! New Blood is on the market. 

We fast-forward another three years and New Blood is lighting up the stock market.

We then fast-forward to the following Thanksgiving (I’m really over these time jumps) and Sookie’s pregnant. Her mystery boo is deep-frying a turkey. Jason and Brigitte and their three kids(!) are headed over to Sookie’s for dinner, as is Sam Merlotte, who is apparently, back.

Fangtasia’s also back in swing with Eric in his throne. They have Sarah tied up in the basement and are charging H-vamps $100,000 for a minute worth of Sarah’s blood. Sarah’s life has hit bottom, and just when she thinks it can’t get any worse, she has another hallucination of Steve, who plans on haunting her for the rest of her life.

We close out the series with a look at Sookie’s happy, kind-of-normal life: a full Thanksgiving dinner table, a husband whose face we never see and a quarter-fairy baby in her belly.

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