'True Blood' season finale: 3 preview clips

Alcide makes a play for Sookie and there's some foreboding ominousness in the clips for Sunday's Season 4 ender. 

In our first clip from "And When I Die," Alcide is still reeling from his abrupt break-up (again) with Debbie Pelt (which probably should have happened way earlier). Sookie's "problems" now include Alcide's devotion.

Ep. 48 Clip - Alcide Makes His Pitch

In the second clip, Tommy Mickens is laid to rest (in the saddest grave ever) and Maxine Fortenberry joins Sam to pay her respects. And talk about Tommy stealing her underpants. Weirdest funeral ever?

Ep. 48 Clip - Tommy Is Laid to Rest

HBO usually offers a third video clip, but not this week. Looks like they want to keep most things secret. Instead, here's a video preview for the episode. Fans are busy giving their theories about who's under that Little Red Riding Hood get-up. The main predictions: Debbie Pelt or Jessica. What do you think?

Ep. 48 Preview

"And When I Die" airs 9 p.m. Sunday on HBO. Watch, then check out my recap/commentary here on TV Lust.

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