'True Blood' recap, 'May Be the Last Time'

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We pick things up in Dallas, where Sarah Newlin’s sister, Amber, is cured and has a totally different outlook on life and sisterly love.

Pam, Eric and Mr. Gus are trying their best to get info out of her, but Amber tells them that her sister no longer is Sarah; she’s Numi. She’s changed and she’s also the antidote. That’s when Mr. Gus gets really excited. If Sarah’s the antidote, she’s worth a lot of money. Amber should give her up for the cash.

They try to remind Amber that Sarah is responsible for Hep-V, which killed her boyfriend. Amber still refuses, and in a rage, Eric hallucinates, sees Sarah sitting there in Amber’s place and stakes her.

Naturally, Pam’s pissed because Eric seems to want to die. Sarah’s the antidote, they need to find her and use her blood. Mr. Gus has an even bigger idea. He wants to “capture and exploit” her, synthesizing her blood to make “New Blood.” He offers Eric 49 percent of the company to find Sarah and to act as a spokesperson.

(Can we talk about Mr. Gus’s cowboy thing and how much it surprisingly amuses me? I could listen to him say “My word is oak” all day.)

They reach a deal.

Wade and Adilyn are MIA Holly and Andy get to Ft. Bellefleur and find Holly’s ex-husband’s car, but no sign of the kids. Andy decides to call them because “even if they don’t want to answer, teenagers have a Pavlovian response to a cell phone” (LOL). Unfortunately, the kids took Violet’s advice and left said-cell phone in the tree house.

At the mansion, Bill’s Hep-V is still accelerating at lightning speed, and Sookie guesses the most obvious reason: because she’s fae. Andy calls, asking Jess to try to sense Adilyn. She hasn’t felt Adilyn’s fear, but promises to let him know if she feels or hears anything.

Relieved but still searching, Andy and Holly decide to check her ex-husband’s lake house, an hour outside of Oklahoma City.

Unfortunately, Violet has taken them to a totally different place: a random mansion that appears to be hers. Oh, and the bedroom has a fully stocked fridge and an assortment of sex toys, including one of the first strap-ons, which she scored in Zanzibar in the 19th century. She promises that the kids will be safe.

Violet loves love and wants to watch love “flourish.” At what point do these kids realize this is majorly not OK? Probably when she wakes from a day’s sleep and attacks them. Hopefully, Jessica can get there in time.

Sick Bill It should be no surprise to anyone who reads this recap that I don’t care about Bill’s illness. It’s accelerating and they are getting desperate for a cure. Plus, there’s the added bonus of another one of Bill’s stupid flashbacks. His dying father wanted him to marry Caroline Shelby for her parents' land. They meet and blah, blah, blah.

More importantly, Sookie has called Dr. Ludwig, the sassy older doctor who treats patients with supernatural ailments. She happened to have treated a vampire who contracted Hep-V from a full-fae, but his Hep-V wasn’t nearly as bad as Bill’s.

Ludwig asks Sookie which fairy line she comes from, but once Sookie mentions her great-great-great-great grandfather, Niall, Ludwig freaks and leaves immediately.

Dr. Ludwig is always a lot of fun, but this ... It’s all just a little too convenient. She just treated a vampire who contracted the diseases from a fae? She just so happens to know Niall?

Anyway, Sookie tries to summon Niall in the graveyard, but he shows up at her house instead. They eat some spaghetti and Sookie begs Niall to help Bill. As for Ludwig’s fear of Niall, he says that it’s probably because the fae killed so many dwarves in the past. But despite being kind of a jerk about all of this, Niall agrees to see what he can do to help.

Niall takes Sookie to the forest to “channel nature’s energy” and learn from history. They are able to see Bill’s past -- the birth of his kid. Long story short, Niall did all of this to teach Sookie that some things cannot be fixed with magic, including Bill’s illness. This feels like a tear-soaked road to nowhere, huh?

Well, it is the road to Bill and Sookie getting back together. Ugh. They have sex in the living room and Bill’s Hep-V is so advanced, it’s a wonder he doesn’t turn into a puddle right there.

Arlene and Vampire Bae Arlene has an extended vampire blood-induced sex dream about the cute, new vampire in town, Keith, who saved her at Fangtasia. He sneaks up on her at Bellefleur’s to “offer his protection.” She tells him not to get the wrong idea, because she’s morally opposed to fangbanging. But he persists and they end up having sex on the pool table.

Later, real-life Keith comes to Bellefleur’s to dance with Arlene and basically be adorable. Not the most exciting story, but it will be nice for Arlene to get some happiness.

Hoyt’s back He brings his girlfriend, Bridget the microbiologist, to Bellefleur’s (he’s their first customer in a long while) and spends some time checking up with Arlene. When Hoyt tells Arlene that he needs to get to BTPD and ID his mother’s body for “Officer Stackhouse,” Arlene calls Jason, confused.

Jason makes her promise not to say anything to Hoyt, and rushes down to talk to him. Things are awkward and get increasingly so at the morgue, as Hoyt starts to break down and Bridget asks Jason to talk to Hoyt. He explains about the vigilante mob, though he spares Hoyt’s feelings by pretending that Maxine wasn’t a member of the mob.

Sarah/Numi takes a trip down memory lane She goes to the old Fellowship of the Sun grounds, and has a vision of Jason, shirtless and tossing around a football. Vision Jason tells her that Eric is coming to kill her that night.

It’s sufficiently creepy, but not far off. Mr. Gus tapped some contact he had with the Japanese government and they tracked Numi, using their satellites. I won’t pretend to understand how that is supposed to work.

Mr. Gus is tempted to ditch Pam and Eric to go after Sarah midday, but he keeps his word. They wake and head out to find Sarah, who is busy being tormented by visions of her past -- mostly men she slept with or wronged: Steve Newlin, the governor, etc.

It’s Vision Jason who tells her that death is coming once Eric and the Japanese arrive. Poor little Numi.

Overall, this was a dull hour with a lot of set-up, but we do have the promise of a Sarah Newlin-Eric Northman confrontation on the way, plus a potential showdown between Jess and Violet that could end in Violet’s death.


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