'True Blood' recap, 'Love is to Die'

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The two women that somehow manage to love Bill Compton are livid that he refuses to drink the freaking antidote. Why? He’s accepted his fate. Sookie argues that getting the cure is his fate. She and Jessica will have to live with the choice he makes, but he stands firm in his decision to die in the most annoying way possible. Sookie manages to slap him multiple times as a result, so that’s a bit of a consolation prize for being thrust into a Bill-centric storyline against our will.

Jessica demands that he release her and, after giving a speech about not wanting to turn her but being proud of the vampire she’s becoming, he does. He stumbles out and Pam (surprisingly) comforts Jess, while Eric (unsurprisingly) comforts an ugly-crying Sookie.

For some reason, Jessica and Sookie check up on Sam. Unfortunately (or, fortunately, depending on which TB fans you ask) Sam’s gone, leaving behind a letter addressed to Sookie. In it, he explains that he left with Nicole because she, unlike everyone else, realizes that Bon Temps pretty much sucks. If you thought Tara’s off-screen death sucked, Sam’s sap-filled departure won’t be much better. I dozed off twice during that scene.

Sookie and Jess head to Bellefleur’s where she runs into Jafayette (James + Lafayette. Brilliant, I know) for what seems to be the first time since Sookie’s party. It’s awkward, but not as awkward as Arlene swaying to imperceptible music while she explains that they are taking a new, “If you build it, they will come” stance at the bar. They’re fully staffed and prepped for customers, real or imaginary. It’s also a reminder that Sookie and Lafayette both actually work there. How do they pay their bills with work schedules this erratic? 

Sookie blurts out the news about Sam and pulls Andy aside to give him the letter that Sam left for him. Turns out, it’s just his resignation letter. Mayor Merlotte is no more. 

Jess and the men who have loved her

Time to tie up one more loose end. James apologizes to Jess for the way things ended, but Jess has been reflecting. Lafayette’s speech actually worked, though. She apologizes for never asking about his life and wishes Lafayette and him well. She then asks him to get Sookie home safe and vamp zooms into the night.

In case you couldn’t guess where she’s headed, we pop over to Hoyt’s, where he and Brigette are continuing their argument from the night before. Brigette demands to know the identity of the red-headed vampire who is “all Southern with eyelashes that go on for days.” Annoyed, Hoyt promises that last night was the first time he met her, which is true, as far as he knows. 

If he just met Jess last night, then where was he earlier today, while she was packing up his mom’s house alone? At first, he lies and says he was with Jason all day, but when pressed, he admits that he saw her – but only because she happened to live with Vampire Bill and went to drop off some blood for her sick maker. That’s it. On the surface, it’s true, but he’s drawn to Jess … who also happens to be banging on the back door, asking to speak with him. 

Brigette assumes Hoyt lied to her, but Jess promises that he’s telling the truth. She came to do the same for Hoyt. She tells him they were together, happy and cohabitating, but she ruined it. Because Brigette has self-respect, she refuses to listen to this and tells Hoyt that if he leaves to hear the rest, they are through. Apologizing, Hoyt walks out into the night. 

The show's decision to bring Hoyt back this season was a little unnecessary, even if it did throw a kink into the predictable “James dumps Jess and Jess goes back to Jason” story arc that we thought was coming. But this scene is a good reminder of why their young vamp-human love was so important during the early seasons. It was a bit of love and warmth in a show filled with lust and violence.

On the night that her maker released her, all Jess wanted was to be with Hoyt. He comforts her and asks to hear their love story. Meanwhile, Brigette dials up Jason, asking him to come get her from Hoyt’s. She tells him that Jess is there and he rushes over to put a stop to things.

Upon Jason’s arrival, Hoyt punches him in the face, so you can probably guess how far into the story she got. Inside, she heals Hoyt’s fist and explains that she was a sheltered, home-schooled teen when she was turned. She never explored that dark side before meeting Hoyt. Now, she’s ready. 

Some sexual tension for Brigette and Jason

When Jason comes to, Brigette is driving him to the hospital in his squad car, certain he as a concussion. But he insists that he was out for five minutes, which is nothing as far as Jason Stackhouse Concussions go, plus there is no one working the hospitals at night because of the roving H-vamps that we haven’t really seen or heard mentioned in the past several episodes. 

Anyway, she can stay at his place, granted she understands that they won’t be having sex. She smilingly asks why he assumes that she, heartbroken and newly single, would be in the mood for sex, but he insists it had to be said.

Which becomes clear as he uses his flirty Jason skills to coax a Delta employee named Marlese or something like that into helping Brigette get a quick flight back to Anchorage. He tells the woman on the phone that Brigette is suffering from PTSD and, as an officer of the law, it’s his job to get her back to safety. She thanks him and he leaves to ice his head and his frustrated manly bits.

Of course, this is only going to work for so long. Brigette comes out of the room to chat and he explains what happened between him, Hoyt and Jess (meanwhile, Hoyt and Jess are busy having sex), and they belong together. It’s not Brigette's fault that she walked into that. In the end, Brigette invites him to bed to teach him how to “not have sex with someone,” so they lie in bed together, just talking. Good luck. 

Eric makes a house call

He pops over to Bill’s to give him a pep talk about Hep-V. He was prepared to die. He wanted to die, because the disease attacks the spirit. Eric is trying to talk some sense into Bill for Sookie, but Bill insists that she is why he is doing this. He wants her to learn to love someone else, which he is convinced she won’t be able to do as long as he is on the planet. Eric tells him to get over himself, but Bill’s mind is set.

He insists that Sookie is drawn to vampires because she is fae and vice versa. After everything he has done (lied to her, threatened her, almost raped her) she keeps coming back. He wants to set her free and asks Eric to get Sookie to come over and hear him out. 

Eric keeps his word and flies Sookie home (because he’s one of the old vamps that can fly, remember?) so that she can talk to Bill.

Sarah gets a makeover

When the Yakuza pull Sarah from Fangtasia’s basement, she assumes she’s going to be killed. Instead, Pam has decided to dye her hair back to blonde, which brings back happy memories of “Is there blood in my hair?” Ugh, I miss pre-Sookie Eric so much. 

Pam glamours Sarah before taking off the gag because she needs to get the foils all over Sarah’s head. The plan is to sell Sarah to the highest bidder, obviously, and it gives Pam a rare opportunity to tell us Tales from the Life of a Madam. 

When he gets back to Fangtasia, Ginger’s upset that he didn’t tell her he was cured. As an apology, he promises to finally have sex with her, on the throne, just as she imagined it. It’s supposed to be funny, but I’m so bored with Eric’s total lack of a storyline that I can’t even. His face when Ginger shrieked and crumpled to the floor was pretty hilarious, though.

Afterward, Eric looks for Pam and finds her down in the basement, silvered and gagged. Mr. Gus is back and he’s found out the truth about Sookie Stackhouse and asks if she knows about the cure, threatening to stake Pam if Eric doesn’t tell the truth. Of course, he won’t let Pam die, but I don’t know how well this is going to serve his working relationship with the Yakuza. As usual, Sookie’s ruined everything.

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