'The Vampire Diaries' recap: Episode 14, 'Dangerous Liaisons'

So apparently Esther, mother of the original vampires, isn’t the forgiving person she made herself out to be last episode.
But before I give you the juicy details, let me give you the background.
How is it that Esther is alive after Klaus killed her? An old Bennett witch used magic to preserve her body. That’s the reason only Bonnie and her mother could open the casket. She drew power from them and the other Bennett witches who were with her “on the other side,” which is where she’s been for 1,000 years, being punished for turning her family into vampires.
Esther holds a ball (i.e., a dance in which everyone dresses up and waltzes), pretending it’s about celebrating her family. She invites Elena, to get her alone. Esther tells Elena she needs a drop of her blood to perform a ritual, which Elena stupidly gives her without asking questions. Then Esther reveals that the ritual will link her children “so that if one goes, they all go.”
As if that explanation wasn’t bad enough, Esther continues: “I love my family, Elena. But they are an abomination. I betrayed nature when I created them. It’s my duty to kill them.”
At the end of the night, Esther performs the ritual. Elena feels somewhat guilty (seemingly about the idea of betraying Elijah), but Stefan tries to console her by telling her that’s all about killing Klaus. It is, but I’m guessing that, like the many other attempts to kill Klaus, it will go seriously wrong.
Speaking of Elena and Stefan, Elena tries to get Stefan to stop pretending that he doesn’t care. But even though we know he still loves her, he says: “If I let myself care, all I feel is pain.”
Others were trying to make love connections as well. As I suspected a few episodes ago when he gave Caroline a bracelet, Klaus really is moving in on Tyler’s girl. He sends her a dress and an invitation to the ball that says “Save me a dance. Fondly, Klaus.”
Caroline wore the dress and the bracelet. She doesn’t seem entirely bothered by Klaus, who tells her he “fancies” her. But then he shows his true colors and she tells him off (see below).
Other highlights from tonight’s episode:
Best Case of Political Schmoozing: Tyler’s mom attends the ball. She says: “I’m the mayor, Damon. When the oldest family of vampires moves into your town, you welcome them with a smile.”
Best Damon Quote(s): “Can you we go back in time to the old Stefan who cared if Elena lived or died?”
Best Words Used to Stick it to Someone: Damon asks Cole (original) if they have met, and Cole says: “I’ve met a lot of people, and you don’t particularly stand out.”
Best Moment of Insight: Caroline tells Klaus: “I get it. Your father didn’t love you, so you assume that no one else will either, and that’s why you compel them or you sire them or you try to buy them off. But that’s not how it works. You don’t connect with people because you don’t even try to understand them.”
Best Way to Respond to Someone Telling You the Hard Truth: Klaus sends Caroline a drawing of her and a horse. Written on the bottom is: “Thank you for your honesty, Klaus.”
Most Romantic Moment Gone Wrong: Damon is upset with Elena for going to see Esther behind his back and using Stefan to do it. After Elena asks if he’s mad at her for including Stefan, Damon says: “No, I’m mad at you because I love you.” But then Elena responds: “Well, maybe that’s the problem.” She starts to say, “No, that’s not what I …” but Damon says, “No, I got it Elena. I care too much. I’m a liability. How ironic is that?”
Best Rebound: After learning that Elena clearly doesn’t feel the same way about him, Damon decides to hook up with Rebecca.

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