'The Real Housewives of Miami' recap, 'Bridezilla'

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Tonight’s episode of "RHOM" was pretty cut and dry. It’s all about Adriana’s wedding!

She starts the episode so stressed that she has to exchange Vitamin B-12 shots with soon-to-be-hubby, Frederic, so they can alleviate the chances of getting sick before the big day.

Adriana also shares with Frederic that she is so stressed about this wedding and still has so much to do before they say “I Do,” she has to have a massage and get her brows waxed as well as make sure everything else is up to par. She says she wants to give Frederic the Sahara, not the Amazon...referring to parts south of the border.

Meanwhile, in another part of Miami, Alexia has invited Joanna, Lisa and Lea to join her on the beach so that they can hang out some. Of course, the feud with Marysol and Lisa that happened last week is brought up, which sends Lisa’s temper flying. As she is talking to Alexia about where she was coming from in her confrontation with Marysol, Joanna’s confessional interview has her saying that she doesn’t know what has gotten into Lisa. She says she doesn’t know if it’s Lisa wanting to assert herself more as a voice in the group, or if it’s simply the hormones she’s taking. Yet another low blow between friends.

On to the meat and potatoes of the episode -- the wedding.

Adriana’s wedding was supposed to start promptly at 6 p.m. But after hours of not doing anything whatsoever toward accomplishing this goal, the women finally head down to the wedding at about 7:25 PM. Ouch. During the Brazilian’s many meltdowns behind the scenes, she actually tears her veil in half because she’s so frustrated with how things are turning out in the dressing room.

Adriana and Frederic finally begins exchanging vows during the beautifully decorated ceremony and we finally start getting used to this elegant scenery when ... BOOM! it’s time for the reception. Which comes with that good ol’ costume change.

As you remember, Adriana wanted a “Great Gatsby”-themed reception, with all the guests changing from their white wedding outfits into Prohibition-era themed outfits for the huge party the newlyweds were throwing in their own honor. This reception, which was supposed to start at 9 p.m., doesn’t actually being until almost 11 because -- yet again -- Adriana is taking her sweet time getting ready. Frederic comes up to let her know that the guests are starting to leave because they are tired of just sitting around.

We see Lisa’s husband, Lenny, starting to get antsy; when Lisa makes her way to the reception, Lenny greets her with an “I’m leaving.” This infuriates Lisa and they being to argue in public. Lisa tells us that her parents used to argue in public and that her embarrassment in this moment stems from that period in her life.

When Adriana finally makes her grand entrance, Lenny actually chooses the moment to leave with Lisa following behind. They agree on staying 20 more minutes to eat dinner (because Adriana had refused to let the guests start eating without her present) and then jet.

Seems as though everything ended OK, with no major issues between the housewives in this episode. Next week, Lisa takes a trip to Texas with her new BFF, Lea, and it seems we’ll get to learn a thing or two about our self-appointed “Mayor of Miami.”

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