'The Amazing Race' recap, 'Hei Ho Heidi Ho'

The Baltimore Sun

Well that was disappointing.

At least that's the way we All-Star season felt the outcome of the 11th leg of the All-Star season.

The Afghanimals, cousins Leo Temory and Jamal Zadran, have been eliminated. They didn't do anything particularly wrong on this leg, which took teams from Spain to the United Kingdom, where they were faced with challenges in Liverpool, England and Wales.

But they kept veering off course, often enough to fall behind the three other teams. Even a colossal and time-eating blunder by Brendon and Rachel in this leg's Detour wasn't enough to get the Afghanimals back in the game.

So, the three teams in the finale are:

Dave and Connor: We have been told a million times will be the first parent/child team to win the race. They just keep winning and winning. And they seem like nice guys, both of them. But Apartment 81 wants them to lose.

The Country Singers: You gotta hand it to them. They have absolutely defied expectations, and then some. Caroline, we've been told often, is a direct descendant of Daniel Boone. Now we believe it. She was excellent in the shooting challenge, knocking clay pigeons out of the sky like she was ... shooting clay pigeons out of the sky.

Brendon and Rachel: Oh my gosh, what is with this team not reading the clues? Read your clues, read your clues, read your clues. 

The consensus in Apartment 81 is that there are teams to root against but not to root for.

Except for the fact that Richard is and has always has been 100 percent on Team Brenchel -- it's just hat Chris and Melissa don't believe him when he says it out loud.

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