'Survivor South Pacific' recap: Episode 8, 'Double Agent'

They’re doing something right this season, because I’ve been waiting all week to see whether Savaii’s (well, Ozzy’s, really) gambit is going to work.  I was thinking about this earlier, and the one possible problem I see is this: None of the Redemption Island duels have been physical challenges so far; will Ozzy actually have an advantage over the as-yet unbeatable Christine?  

At Savaii after Tribal Council, Cochran is suitably grateful that Ozzy stepped up and took the bullet for him. Keith seems annoyed at Cochran for not going. But, oh no, Cochran has taken Ozzy’s "double agent" story waayyy too much to heart, and is now thinking himself the master spy of the tribe.

Ozzy arrives at Redemption Island and spins his story for Christine. I don’t see why it matters what she knows, unless he’s counting on her beating him. Because if he beats her at the duel, as planned, then she goes home and who cares what she knows?

Why are all members of both tribes at the duel? Is it because the merge is going to happen? Is Ozzy a frustrated actor? Because he’s having way to much fun with Savaii’s little charade. But enough with the machinations, let's get to the duel. And this one is for all the money -- whoever wins is back in the game. It involves making a pole, getting keys and unlocking locks. Ozzy has all three keys before Christine even has one, and unlocks all of his locks. My goodness, his plan actually worked.  

And now it’s time for the merge! And sigh, the members of Savaii are actually hoping to use Cochran as a spy with Upolu. We’ll see how that goes.

And now comes the point where it’s time to pick who you want to win. I haven’t really played favorites with the tribes so far, because there were people on each side who annoyed me. As for winners, well, I don’t know yet, but my early favorites would be either Keith or Whitney from Savaii, or Albert or Sophie from Upholu. All solid competitors who also seem to understand the strategy as well. Although, if I’m telling the truth, as long as it’s anyone but Coach, it’d be OK. As long as it wasn’t Edna, either; or Brandon and his Crazy, obviously; and Cochran and Ozzy kind of bug me in a way I can’t explain, either. Wow, there are more people I don’t like than I thought.

And I may not like Coach much, but he saw through Cochran’s and Ozzy’s machinations in about .5 seconds. Ha! Kind of took the wind out of his sails. And then he turned around and started manipulating Cochran before he even knew what was going on. And that deception lasted long, as Cochran spills his guts to the Upolu tribe members. Where does he think this is going to get him, except maybe voted off seventh?

And yes, Cochran, the Upolu tribe members are super solid, completely honest and trustworthy -- to each other. You, however, are not a member of Upolu and will not get the same consideration. You’re just so damn happy someone’s being nice to you that you’re willing to screw up your entire game.

See, Cochran, there’s Dawn -- team up with her! She feels the same way you do! You know, you guys should team up with Edna and keep your heads down. The downside, of course, is that with the exception of Dawn, y’all suck at challenges.

Challenge time! How the hell is Edna keeping her clothes so clean? Compared to everybody else, she looks positively fresh. One man and one woman will each win immunity. And the challenge today is holding coconuts with ropes. Wow, this challenge must have been so easy to set up. And Edna and Cochran are the first out -- they really do suck at challenges. Dawn wins immunity! Go Dawn! Besides Edna, she was probably the most vulnerable of the women (and I like her more than Edna). And the music guys do their best to make coconut-holding dramatic as Ozzy ultimately beats Albert for the other immunity.

Let the strategy begin! I forgot about how much of the game becomes talking about who might be voting for whom once the merge happens. I find this kind of talk boring because the editors never really let us know what’s going on, anyway. Cochran continues to try to play favor with the Upolu people, but I think he’s still sticking with Savaii, but we’ll see (whether he likes them or not, it‘s what‘s best for him, game-wise). Dawn tries to counsel him, but he may do something stupid anyway.

Tribal Council: Everyone at Savaii seems pretty sure that they are voting together, but Cochran is quiet, and Sophie, Coach and Albert look a little smug. Everyone votes, and Ozzy uses the Idol for Whitney. But everyone on Upolu voted for Keith. And hey -- everyone at Savaii voted for Rick -- not OK! So they go to another vote: Will everyone hold party lines and make it a random choice? Nope, because Cochran’s a schmuck and couldn’t see past the fact that he wasn’t treated like the master "Survivor" player he thinks he is. Ozzy calls him a coward, and while I don’t exactly agree with that, I do get the sentiment.  

Goodbye, Keith. You have a great tattoo, were good at challenges and got screwed over because Cochran thinks this is his time to finally be one of the cool kids.

Credits: Keith accurately calls Cochran as being the one to screw over their whole tribe.

Next week: Predictably, Cochran has painted a big ‘ole target on his back, and his new-found friends on Upolu might not be supporting him either, now that he’s fulfilled his purpose.

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