'Survivor: Blood vs. Water' recap, 'The Dead Can Still Talk'

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We start out tonight’s episode at Tadhana, where everyone is still reeling from the Tribal Council. Ciera realizes that Caleb acted without Hayden or Vytas knowing, and she sees an opportunity for a new alliance. Either way, she’s glad that she’s still in the game.

Now for the awkward moment where Brad arrives at Redemption Island. It’s not as bad as it could be, mostly because Candace is elated that he got voted out. Now all they have to do is survive the next couple of days together until the next challenge. Now, if John loses at the next Redemption Island Challenge and Candace and Brad have to go back without him, that will really be awkward.

We then go to Galang, where the lovefest continues. Laura gives Aras a massage, and tries convincing us that it’s a strategic move. Aras doesn’t believe it either. She’s not part of his core alliance (him, Gervase, Tina, Monica, and Tyson), so while he appreciates the massage, it’s not swaying him.

The other Laura (Rupert’s wife) feels left out, because she hasn’t bonded with the rest of the tribe. She thinks that it’s because she hasn’t played before, but I don’t know if that’s necessarily the problem. I think she’ll be the first to go (if they ever lose).

Redemption Island Challenge time! Monica cries when she sees that Brad was voted out. She offers to switch with Brad, but he refuses, saying that he’ll earn his own way back. Jess asks about the tension between Candace and Brad, and Candace admits that her opinion was based on what all the voted-out players had to say.

The challenge today is taking a crate apart to build a bridge, then using those pieces to assemble a puzzle on the other side. Candace takes an early lead, while John and Brad are neck and neck. Things even out at the puzzle phase, but John is the first to finish. Monica and the rest of Galang cheer on Brad. John ekes out the win from Candace, and she’s going home. Candace and Brad share a very teary goodbye.

Back at Galang, everyone is kissing Monica’s butt about how well Brad did in the challenge. Of course, they also all realize what a strong pair Brad and Monica are, which paints a big ‘ol target on Monica’s back. You can practically see the wheels in Tina’s head turning as she talks to Monica.

At Tadhana, the mood is a lot more somber. They’re hot, they’re tired, they’re covered in bug bites. These people need to win something; they severely need the boost in morale. And super yucky -- Katie has a fungus on her feet. Her toes are red and inflamed, and her toenails are coming off.

Vytas tells Caleb that they’re cool, but he secretly doubts him, based on Caleb’s awesome blindside of Brad at the last Tribal Council. Caleb doesn’t realize this; he thinks he is the big man on campus right now.

We get some lovely panoramic shots as Vytas practices yoga on top of a cliff. And according to Vytas, thinks are a lot more peaceful around camp without Brad’s noise pollution. I can see that. Everyone seems a lot more mellow. It would be awesome if they win their first challenge after getting rid of Brad.

Challenge time! The challenge this week starts out with a slip ‘n slide, and then a ring toss. I’m not kidding, that’s what the challenge is. Reward is steak, vegetables, spices and a wok. I think it looks tasty, and I haven’t even been starving for two weeks. They can also pick fishing equipment, since Tadhana hasn’t won that yet.

The challenge is played head to head, and the first one to five wins.  Tadhana takes the lead 3-1, and I think that the lack of a puzzle in this challenge may help them. And it does! Tadhana finally wins a challenge! But will they take the steak, or the fishing equipment? They take the steak (good choice.)

So Galang finally has to go to Tribal Council. But who will go home, Laura or Laura? I call Laura (B.. that is, Rupert’s wife) for no other reason than she’s the odd one out. She kind of realizes it too, and much like her husband, it comes out in crazy. She tries convincing Kat that the other girls are talking smack about her, but both Kat and Tyson recognize that she’s grasping at straws. Tyson even goes so far to call her the most annoying person in the tribe.

Aras knows that Laura B. is the easy vote, but also knows that the easiest vote is not always the best one. Aras brings up voting out Laura M. reasoning she may knock out Brad at Redemption Island, which would ensure Monica’s loyalty to her tribe, and not Brad.

Tribal Council time! There’s a lot of talk about it being their first tribal council, and the fact that it’s been an awful long time since Gervase has been at one. Laura B. tries to cement her position through sheer uncalled-for confidence, boldly stating the she is an important part of her tribe, and that she has say in the decision-making. Uh, sure Laura, whatever you think. Even if you don’t go home tonight, you’re still the odd man out.

But now it’s time to vote, and which Laura is going home? Well, it looks like Aras got his way, because it’s Laura M. going home.  She is surprised and pissed, and doesn’t say goodbye to anyone. Kick some butt at Redemption Island, Laura M.

Next week: Gervase and Tyson are going after Aras, except it looks like the tribes are either merging or getting mixed up.

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