'Survivor: Cagayan' recap, 'We Found Our Zombies'

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Back at Solana after Tribal Council, Linsdey is losing her mind because they voted Cliff off. She decides to go off on Trish, telling her exactly what she thinks of her, and that she (Lindsay) doesn’t want to be on her team. Way to piss off the person with the majority alliance, Lindsey. Woo tries to distance himself from Lindsey, because he’d like to actually stay in the game. Lindsey distances herself from everybody by taking off.

To see Jeff, apparently. Lindsey tells Jeff that Trish “exploded” at her. Umm, no, you realize that there were cameras there, right? I believe that you were the one doing the exploding. She wants to leave the game, and blames it on not wanting to do something that she’ll regret, but I think she’s just giving up because she doesn’t see a way to win. Whatever. Bye, Lindsey.

Jeff has to go to the Solana camp to tell them that Lindsey won’t be coming back. No one seems that upset about it. Tony is downright pleased about it, calling it “two for the price of one.” He’s not wrong. Woo is a little upset, mostly because he’s now got the target on his back.

Challenge time! Everyone is shocked that both Cliff and Lindsey are gone. The challenge looks like wrestling while waitressing. The first one to knock the other person’s idol off their platter gets a point, first one to four wins. Winner gets to do a camp raid on the other person’s camp, which is always good for pissing people off.

The two tribes are pretty evenly matched, and the points go back and forth. It comes down to Woo and Spencer. If Woo wins, then Solana wins. As you’d expect from a martial arts expert, Woo wins easily. Woo and Tony are picked to go to the Aparri beach to raid their best stuff.

The mood (and the music) at Aparri is pretty somber as Woo and Tony arrive at the beach. They open the note that Jeff gives them and are given a choice of things to take. They decide to take their comfort (pillows, blankets) and the fishing gear. They also get a clue to an Immunity Idol, but for their own beach, and decide to give it to Jeremiah, to make him a target for the rest of Aparri. It works.

Back at Solana, there is a sign on the beach that reads “Shame on you Lindsie.” Woo and Tony share their booty (not that way); apparently, comfort includes spices and salt. Tony is talking himself up, admitting that he lied and that he didn’t like any of his old tribe members, except Trish (Woo is in the background for all of this).

Trish admits that she’s really a man, which I think is a joke, because if she was transgendered, I think they would have made a bigger deal about it.

Back at Aparri, Alexis tries to get Spencer on her side. Spencer finds her a little bit phony and doesn’t trust her farther than he can throw her. I think he’s overestimating her intelligence, though, because when Jeremiah tries to tell her and Spencer that the clue was from the other camp, she has a really hard time understanding. Spencer doesn’t believe him either, but perhaps they would if Jeremiah would just show them the clue. (Why doesn’t he?)

Immunity Challenge time! Do they have to go to Tribal Council tonight, even though Lindsey left? They have to use wooden poles to build a staircase, then go through a bamboo maze, then use a machete to get pieces to build a puzzle and solve a combination lock. Morgan and Tasha sit out for Aparri.

It’s been raining a lot on the course, and there is a ton of mud. Aparri is the first to get their staircase done and start to build a lead, but Solana catches up during the bamboo maze. Sarah gets a part of the number puzzle really wrong, enabling Solana to pull ahead and win.

At Aparri, Alexis is “bummed” to go to Tribal Council because it “sucks.” Such a wordsmith, that one. The tribe talks about Tony yelling “top 5” when they won Immunity. Alexis think that means that Solana thinks they have Jeremiah’s vote, which makes no sense. But it sounds like it will either be Jeremiah or Alexis.

Kass thinks that the Brain tribe is doing great, that they are essentially running things. She points out that the Brain is doing a lot better now that they have a body to order around. And she’s right.

Tribal Council time! Alexis wastes no time in separating herself from Jeremiah, but why? The former Beauty members have the same numbers as the former Brain tribe, but they can’t get along long enough to do anything about it. Alexis also brings up the Immunity Idol clue that they gave Jeremiah. Wow, that crazy move of Tony’s totally worked; I have to admit that he may be crazy like a fox.

Voting time! We see Alexis vote for Jeremiah, and Jeremiah vote for Alexis. Jeff tallies the vote, and the first one is for Jeremiah, but the rest are for Alexis. Morgan looks really, really happy about that. Alexis leaves crying.

Next week: Looks like it's time for the merge.

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