'Survivor: Cagayan' recap, 'Mad Treasure Hunt'

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Back from Tribal Council, Spencer is trying to hold it together, but he’s basically seen all his plans and schemes go down in flames because Kass couldn’t stand Sarah. Spencer can’t listen to her talk about strategy, because she’s playing with her emotions and she’s just lucky that it’s worked out in her favor so far.

The next day, with Sarah gone, Kass needs someone else to hate, and it looks like Morgan is it. She very passive-aggressively, and then just aggressive-aggressively says that Morgan doesn’t do anything to help around camp. And I was on Morgan’s side, but then she says that she thinks that Kass hates her because she’s pretty. Because that’s what it always comes down to for Morgan (I wanted to say "girls like Morgan"but that’s just as generalizing): It can’t be that people don’t like her because she’s lazy and expects other people to do her work for her, it’s because they’re jealous. Yup. That must be it.

Reward challenge time! It’s an obstacle course over water and then on the beach, while dragging a chest, with, you guessed it, puzzle pieces inside. Players are divided into two teams, and the prize is a corporate sponsored restaurant prize. They’re not paying me, so I’m not mentioning which restaurant.

Spencer, Kass, LJ, Jeremiah, Jefra, and Morgan are Team Orange, and while Tony, Tasha, Woo, Trish and Kass are Team Purple. Woo, surprisingly, falls off the balance beam and puts Purple behind, but they catch up once they’re on land. Once again, it’s going to come down to the puzzle. Kass and Woo don’t do so well with the puzzle, and Orange wins reward.

Back at camp, Tony, Trish and Kass talk about who to get rid of, and it seems to be either Jeremiah or Spencer who will be on the chopping block.

Since two Immunity Idols were played at the last Tribal Council, Tony is looking for the new one to give him security. I’m sure he’s not the only one.

At the reward, they start out with margaritas and you can tell they’ve been eating coconuts and rice for too long, because they are overjoyed to see the salad. That’s followed up by a loaded baked potato, steak, and ending with s’mores. It does look good. Spencer gets some kind piece of paper in his napkin, and he manages to stuff it in his pocket before anyone notices.

It is a clue to the Immunity Idol, and he goes to look for it. Woo, who is a big fan of show, remembers that you sometimes get clues during rewards, so he follows him, in ‘ninja stealth mode’, which is awesome. Even better is his confessional where he talks about it. Spencer eventually notices him, because Woo is wearing a red plaid shirt with red shorts, and doesn’t really blend in.

Woo picks up Spencer’s pants for him, and the clue falls out. So Woo picks it up and literally hightails it out of there, as he puts it, “Sonic the Hedgehog-style”. And he is fast. Woo gets back to camp, and spills the beans immediately. 

So now everybody is scrambling to find the Immunity Idol before someone from the other alliance does. As Tony says, you know it’s gotten crazy when even Morgan gets off her butt and is running around looking for it.

Woo leaves Spencer with Kass, and they talk a bit, but more importantly, Spencer finds the Idol right in front of Kass, but manages not to give it away, and pockets it while she’s not looking.

Immunity Challenge time! It’s another endurance/balance challenge. This one shouldn’t take long, because they have to balance a block of wood on their heads, pushed up on a frame above them, while standing on tiptoes. (Did that even make sense?) And sure enough, Kass, Trish, and Jeremiah are out quickly, followed by Tony. The get to the 30 minute mark, but then Morgan is out, and Woo starts wobbling, and he is out too. After an hour, Jefra falls, and this looks sooo painful. 

Only LJ, Spencer and Tasha are left, and LJ is the first to fall. Both look solid, and they hit the 1 hour, 30 minute mark, and it looks like Spencer is going down, but it’s Tasha that falls first, giving Spencer immunity.

So Jeremiah was already mentioned, but who will join him on the chopping block? Looks like Morgan, because she’s useless and annoying, and the most unlikely to have found the hidden Immunity Idol. I agree. But they’re plan is contingent on Kass sticking with the majority. The outnumbered few agree to vote for Tony. Spencer goes to Kass about getting rid of Tony, and it would be a good chance to get rid of a threat.

Kass is loving being a free agent and flipflopping where it suits her best. She calls her playing style ‘trial by ambush’ and seems quite proud of it. Which seems great, and it will work for her up until the time when it will bite her in the butt. And she will never see it coming.

Tribal Council time! Kass immediately feels the need to point out what she did at the last Tribe Council. She’s thinking very highly of herself these days, isn’t she. Morgan says she should stay because she’s not a threat, and she got used to LJ and Jeremiah taking care of ‘the girls’ over at the Beauty camp, and she likes it. She pretty much flat out states that she doesn’t need to work hard because she’s attractive. Sigh. Lets get to the voting already.

First four votes are for Tony, but the rest are for Morgan, and she’s going home. I’m sure the thought of getting rid of Morgan at camp was just the push Kass needed to stick with her new alliance. Or non-alliance. Or ambush. Whatever the heck she thinks it is.

Next week: People are starting to get paranoid, Tony most of all (go figure).

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