'Survivor: Cagayan' recap, 'Head of the Snake'

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Back from the Tribal Council where they got rid of Alexis, Spencer thinks that Aparri is strong, and that everyone will stick with the new tribe. Well, the former Brain tribe members don’t have anyone else, but I don’t know about Sarah, Jeremiah and Morgan (well, Morgan doesn’t really have anyone else either).

Kass agrees with me, telling Sarah that the only two she’s worried about possibly flipping are her (Sarah) and Jeremiah. Sarah takes great offense to this. The problem is, Kass is just talking intellectually about the possibilities, as Sarah has options where Morgan does not, while Sarah is talking emotionally and feels like Kass is doubting her word. This could lead to problems.

Over at Solana, Tony is happy, for now. He likes his new tribe and doesn’t feel the need to be paranoid and scheming (it’s a nice change). But then they get Treemail that they have to pack up all of their stuff and head to the Aparri’s beach. Seems like a merge is happening.

Aparri gets a similar Treemail, and they also think it’s the merge, but the Treemail says “some” of Solana may be staying. "Survivor" is always up to shenanigans, so I’ll believe it’s the merge when Jeff says it is.

Wen Solana arrives, they also have baskets of food, which usually means that it’s the merge. And indeed, there’s a note with the food that informs the teams that they have, indeed, merged. They are also told that there are hidden Immunity Idols in play (Tony and LJ have them) and there is also a new idol, with special powers, hidden somewhere around camp.

Because they are the least creative people ever on "Survivor," they decide to name the new tribe Solarrion. Spencer is happy and surprised that he made it to the merge, considering how his game started.

Now that the merge has happened, Tony is back to his paranoid scheming ways and wants Sarah back on his side. Guess you shouldn’t have made that “final five” comment at the last challenge, huh?

Trish is leading a group yoga session, which is actually a great way to pass the time. Woo, LJ, and Tony talk about how much they need Sarah. And they totally do. I wonder if she’s figured that out yet. Tony tries to convince her to stick with the original Brawn tribe, with the two of them going to the end. She won’t swear on her badge like he wants her to, but there’s not really anything he can do about it.

Sarah goes to Jeremiah and Kass about what’s going on. Sarah doesn’t think that LJ has an Idol, but Jeremiah thinks that he does (he’s right). Sarah doesn’t want to get rid of Trish like Kass suggests. It looks like the power is going to Sarah’s head a little bit; she’s getting a little demanding about deciding who goes home. Kass looks like she wants to vote Sarah our, regardless of the fact that they need her.

Sarah is still complaining, and Trish is glad because she sees the chance to get Sarah back on their side. Tasha takes Sarah and Kass aside to smooth things out. I like Tasha (I may have just doomed her). She calms Sarah down, but just pisses-off Kass, who is now convinced that both Sarah and Kass are against her. I think Kass just might do something stupid.

Immunity Challenge time! Now we’re playing for individual immunity, and it’s an endurance balance challenge. Woo’s going to win -- I’m just calling that right now. I’m OK with that. Trish might actually do well, too.

They are standing on triangle-shaped mini-rafts, and everyone does well on the first level. They slowly work their way up the triangle, which makes balancing harder the higher up you go. Everyone makes it through the first two rounds, but once they have to start standing on the very top of the triangle, people start dropping like flies. Spencer, Kass, LJ, Sarah, Jefra, Tasha, Trish and Jeremiah are out as soon as the last round starts. Morgan makes it a little while, but then she’s out too.

It’s down to Tony and Woo, and this may actually decide who is going home, if the new (old new?) Aparri can keep it together. I’m actually right for once, because Woo manages to hang on, and he wins. As Tony says back at camp, it’s only right that a martial arts instructor won.

Sarah realizes that her best bet is to stick with her new Aparri tribe, because they’re the weaker tribe, except for the fact that she doesn’t like Kass. Everybody else in her alliance wants to get rid of Jefra, because they know that she doesn’t have an idol. Sarah thinks that none of them do, and suggest they vote for Tony. They agree to get rid of Tony, mostly just to keep Sarah happy.

Trish and Tony notice that Sarah is essentially holding court, and Trish offers to go talk to Kass, because it’s obvious that Kass can’t stand Sarah. Tony agrees, and he tries to work on Sarah himself. He basically berates her into voting for their side. Sarah justs wants to get rid of him even more, because he’s a threat. Hopefully she actually does it.

Trish does an awesome job talking to Kass about getting rid of Sarah, because it’s obvious that’s what Kass wants. Trish goes to LJ and Tony, and they agree to take the chance and hope that Kass will vote with them. Even if she doesn’t, if Tony uses his Idol, Sarah is going home anyway.

Tribal Council time! Tony tries to argue that you don’t go with the numbers, you go with who you are comfortable living with. Spencer can’t control the eye roll, and neither can I. Then Tony admits that he has an Idol, and that he’s going to use it, before they even vote. Sigh. Not the best idea; the whole point is for them to vote for you, then you use it, then those votes don’t count. Tasha flat out says to Spencer “the other one,” which I guess means Jefra.

Tony uses his idol, and actually gives it to LJ, who I assume he thinks is “the other one.” LJ then turns around and gives Tony his Idol, so they’re both covered. I bet no one voted for either of them. The first vote is, indeed, for Jefra, and LJ realizes that he just wasted his Idol.

The votes are split between Sarah and Jefra, but it’s Sarah who is going home. Sarah looks stunned, which is kind of awesome, especially since Kass is sitting beside her. Jefra is grateful to Kass, Spencer is pissed, and the rest of the former new Aparri is just stunned.

Next week: Kass has a new enemy in Morgan, and everybody else looks for the new Idol.

Credits: Sarah has no idea why Kass flipped, because she lacks even the tiniest bit of self-awareness.

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