'Survivor: Cagayan' recap, 'Bag of Tricks'

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Back from Tribal Council, Tony is feeling secure, so he’s spouting off about people being “worthy” and being “allowed” to stay there. He keeps asking Spencer why it’s a compliment that everybody voted for him, and why he’s being targeted. Because you’re constantly strategizing, you’ve set yourself up as a leader and you’re more than a little bit crazy.

Trish and LJ agree with me, because they’re talking about whether or not Tony is going to go off the deep end. And sure enough, he can’t stop talking about the fact that people are voting for him. He’s a self-fulfilling prophecy: he’s going to be so paranoid and obsessive that he’s going to alienate people in his alliance, and they’re going to vote him off, which is what he was paranoid about in the first place.

Tony’s plan this week seems to be to target LJ, to take the heat off of himself.

Treemail time! Sounds like the reward at the challenge will be a spa day. So Tony is thinking about how people will strategize at a spa day. Sigh. I’m getting so tired of Tony. I know the editors are setting him up to be on the block this week, but if they show me all this annoying footage, and then he sticks around for another week, I’m going to be seriously annoyed.

Reward Challenge time! And it is indeed a spa reward, with showers, massages and yummy food. Team Orange is Jefra, Trish and LJ; Team Purple is Woo, Kass and Tasha; Team Green is Tony, Spencer and Jeremiah. They have to get a ball on a rope through a hoop, which will release a bunch of sandbags. The sandbags then have to be thrown through a tunnel, then off a trampoline into baskets.

Team Purple is the last to release their sandbags, but Woo does an awesome job at the tunnel to help keep them in the bag. Team Green is the first to the trampoline, and Tony is doing an awesome job at hitting the baskets. Tony, Jeremiah and Spencer win a spa day.

Tony wanted to be on the reward team so that he could strategize with the other winners, but does he realize that there are more people left at camp than those going on the reward? Might not end so well for Tony.

Woo, part of the group left at camp, is wishing that he was getting a mani-pedi and drinking a mimosa. I like Woo.

LJ talks to Trish and Jefra about Tony’s increasing paranoia. He totally trusts Tony, which is totally a mistake. The three of them are in agreement about sticking with the six, but I don’t think that Tony is going to let them.

At the reward, Spencer wants to find a way to stay in the game. Tony is the first one to bring up strategy. He’s like a king holding court, and he’s getting on my last nerve. He's telling Jeremiah and Spencer to “hang in there until the time comes” -- basically telling them, "Don’t try and get me out, but wait until I need you and then do what I say."

Jeremiah seems to trust Tony, but Spencer wasn’t on the Brain tribe for nothing. He doesn’t trust Tony, but he’s going to pretend like he does.

Back at camp, Tasha realizes that the numbers are against her, but she hopes LJ will realize that Tony is not on his side. She tries to take LJ aside to talk to him, but he knows that Tony’s head will explode if he sees anyone in his alliance talking to anyone out of it (although it’s OK if Tony does it). LJ stands Tasha up.

Immunity Challenge time! Finally, something that’s not an endurance challenge. It’s a memory game instead, a "Survivor" version of Simon (and wow, did I just date myself with that reference.) Trish is the first person out, after only one color. Woo doesn’t do much better. The next sequence is much longer, ending with Jefra, Spencer, Kass and Jeremiah all out. It’s down to LJ, Tasha and Tony. They all pick different colors, and it’s Tasha who wins. She definitely needed it.

So will it be Tony or LJ? Because that’s the showdown they’ve been hinting at all night. LJ wants to split the vote between Jeremiah and Spencer because of a possible idol (and he’s right), mbut Tony’s Spidey-sense is telling him that neither of them have idols (he’s wrong). Tony can’t just let things lie and stick to the alliance, because he’s so ready to screw other people over, he’s paranoid about people screwing him over first.

Tony goes to Woo and tells him that LJ is gunning for him. Woo totally buys it. Gah. Can’t stand Tony. And then Tony goes to Spencer and tells him the same thing. And then Tony lies to Trish about it, too. Lies, lies and more lies. But Trish knows Tony and knows LJ, and thinks that Tony might be losing it. As she puts it, “I may be gullible, but I’m not stupid.” I’m starting to like her more, too.

Trish and Kass agree that’s it’s too soon for a blindside; the six are secure right now and they should ride it out for a couple of more votes. There’s plenty of time for drama later. So going into tribal council, it looks like Tony is safe, but it could be LJ or Spencer or Jeremiah. Tribal Councils have been crazy this season, so who knows.

Tribal Council time! Tony pretty much flat-out states that he’s ready to lie and stab people in the back if he needs to. Tasha doesn’t care about any of it tonight because she’s got immunity. LJ thinks his alliance is watertight; hmm, maybe not. Tony lies again and says that he works in construction; if Sarah over in the jury was allowed to talk, she’d be screaming right now.

Voting time! Spencer does not play his hidden Immunity Idol. First three votes are for LJ, then three for Jeremiah, one for Spencer, then another two for LJ. Well, that was all over the place, and it means that LJ is going home. Jefra totally did not know about this, Spencer is jubilant and Jeremiah is relieved.

Next week: Tony is feeling the repercussions of his actions, and Woo may have seriously injured himself (I hope not).

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