'Survivor: Blood vs. Water' recap, 'Swoop in for the Kill'

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We start out tonight with Kat’s arrival at Redemption Island, and then she talks and talks and talks, during what seems to be the middle of the night. Then, the next day, she sits on the beach and cries, worried that Hayden is going to be disappointed in her. Does she really think he would break up with her because she lost on a reality show? Remember how I said she hasn’t made me want to smack her in the head once this season? I take it back.

Now we’re at Redemption Island Arena where Kat cries some more. Hayden, because he’s not an idiot and realizes this is a game, states that his relationship is more important than the game. Jeff takes that as an opportunity to ask Hayden if he wants to switch places with Kat. He totally doesn’t, and Kat totally does. Hayden has to flat out ask her who she thinks will do better in the game, long term. Which is totally Hayden.

More tears, and Kat decides to stick it out in the Redemption Island Challenge. I think mostly she wanted to hear that he would switch places with her. The first part of the challenge is untying knots, which then releases a machete, which they then use to chop a rope to get the puzzle pieces. Kat has problems even getting her pieces out of the bag.

I was about to say that the puzzle looks familiar, and I’m right. It’s the puzzle that Cochran won for his final Immunity Challenge.  John is well out in the lead, but Kat is doing surprisingly well.  Laura looks at Johns completed puzzle, which Kat thinks is cheating, but Jeff assures them that it is ok.  The extra help worked, and Laura beats Kat, and Kat is going home for good.

Sigh. While saying goodbye, Kat asks again if Hayden is going to break up with her because she lost. I hope she’s not like this in real life, because that would be exhausting to be around. John gives his Immunity clue to Monica, who burns it.

At Tadhana, Hayden feels responsible for Kat going home. Dude, you may love her, but you’re definitely the better player. This was for the best.

Aras goes to meditate, feeling secure in his position in his new tribe. Which of course means that he’s totally going home this week. And if he does, it’s because Tyson engineered it, as he and Gervase take the time that Aras is away to talk to Ciera, Hayden, and Caleb about voting him out.

Over at Galang, Tina is trying to play matchmaker and set her daughter Katie up with Vytas. Apparently she wants grandbabies, a thought she thankfully keeps to her confessional.

Vytas is using his experience with yoga and “feminine energy” as he puts it to bond with the women. And it might sound cocky of him to say that it’s working, but he’s totally right, and it is totally working. They all love him; of all the men to get stuck with only women on his tribe, I think he’s made the best of it.

But it might not be enough, as the women all talk about the fact that, although they love him, if they lose at the next challenge, Vytas will have to go home.

Challenge time!

Four tribe members will be tied together like a giant three-legged race (five-legged race?) and then the final player uses the chains and balls to create bolos to throw at a target. Tadhana sits out Ciera, the only girl on the tribe. Galang seems to be better at getting their pieces, and Tadhana seems to move better together. There seems to be a bit of a kerfuffle with people blocking each other from moving, but they all finish the race part at the same time.

Tyson and Tina are throwing the bolos for their tribe. It comes down to the last point, but Tyson wins it and Tadhana gets immunity and reward. Reward is a full-on Southern fried chicken meal with all the fixings.

Tadhana returns to their beach to find their feast waiting for him. The original members of Tadhana are really appreciating winning, since they did so little of it in the beginning. Hayden thinks that Vytas will be safe in the vote, but will he?

And as soon as Galang gets back to their beach, Laura flat out tells Vytas, in front of all the other women, that he’s the one who is going to go home. Which, to me, means the Laura will be the one going home.  Vytas takes it well, but that’s because he knows that it’s not over until the fat lady sings.

And I’m totally right, because all the other women are reeling because they hadn’t actually had time to meet and decide for sure that it was Vytas going home. Bye Laura! You jumped the gun, and now they’re going to get rid of you. Plus, I think they like Vytas more than you.

Tribal Council time!

As soon as they come in, Jeff asks what happened when they got back to camp after the challenge, because he’s already seen the footage. Laura cops to telling Vytas he was going home, and both Katie and Monica say that you shouldn’t do or say anything until you talk to your alliance. Vytas totally says the right thing, talking about how important it is to surround yourself with ‘trustworthy’ (meaning him and not Laura) people.

I call Laura going home, but am I right? All the other women needed a reason to keep Vytas, and Laura gave them one. Or will they get rid of him while they can because he’s a threat?

The votes are read, and Laura is headed to Redemption Island. I knew she was doomed when she got to talk more than the previous six episodes combined.

Next week: It’s time for the Redemption Island winner to come back into the game, and the tribes are going to merge.

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