'Real Housewives of Orange County' recap, Reunion Part III

The third and final episode of the never-ending reunion of Season 8 kicks off with a montage of Heather Dubrow’s highlights of the season including her acting roles, relationship with housewife-husband favorite Terry and the expansion of their newer, bigger mansion.

Tamra and Eddie’s engagement is put on the spotlight with a convenient plug for her upcoming spin-off series all about her wedding day and all the dramatic, entertaining events leading up to her big day.

Briana joins the cast to talk about the joys of giving birth and the troubles of sending her husband off overseas. She confirms her plans to move out of her mother’s house and talks about Ryan and Judy’s fight at Vicki’s Winter Wonderland party. Briana blames Ryan’s reaction on stress and the qualities he has picked up from Vicki over the years.  

Then the truth comes out about Briana and Brooks’ relationship which causes Vicki to storm off the set in anger. Vicki doesn’t want a “Brooks Bashing” and feels that he has already suffered enough throughout the season. Briana thinks that Brooks disrespects her mother and that is the reason why she doesn’t want him around her or her family.

Brooks is called out to join the women and immediately tries to apologize to Briana. She exposes a voice recording telling Ryan to start beating and hitting Briana and Briana admits she was abused as a child and doesn’t want to accept his apology.

The women express their disgust with Brooks and how he has treated Vicki and disagree with Vicki making excuses for him. In the end, Briana loves her mother and wants nothing but the best for her and her family. Vicki breaks into tears for having to choose who to love and the right thing to do.  

Brooks makes it easy for everyone and promises that Vicki and him will not be back together and will not hear back from him. Vicki busts into tears as the women comfort her.

Each cast member gives their final thoughts on the season and through all the good, bad and the ugly, the housewives of OC are a dysfunctional family. No matter what happens they are good friends and have no regrets. And with a champagne toast, the season comes to an end.

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