'Real Housewives of New Jersey' recap, Valentine's Day

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The Garden State is filled with roses as the ladies of New Jersey celebrate Valentine’s Day.

Teresa reminisces about a Valentine’s Day with Joe when they were younger. He gave her a ring in a shape of a rose. So cute! Teresa invites Melissa over on a Friday night where they drink wine and watch "The Godfather." According to Teresa, people can learn a lot from "The Godfather." Speaking of wine, Teresa attends a wine bottle signing event where Amber and Victoria Gotti visit, but more on that later. During the episode, Teresa talks with Joe in their home office about potential legal meetings. Teresa wants to write all the legal meeting dates down in her calendar so she can attend. So organized. She mentions how they have legal fees to pay. Next episode, in two weeks, is the big trial. 

Poor Dina, she struggles with Valentine’s Day. She says her first boyfriend broke up with her on Valentine’s Day and Tommy proposed on it as well. Now as a separated woman, Dina is struggling real hard with the day; she even says to herself how she is having a pity party. Dina visits her lawyer to discuss the potential divorce process. She isn’t sure yet if divorce is right for her. Stay strong, Dina! 

Melissa is coping with the loss of her aunt, who passed away from cancer. Amber brings Melissa food to comfort her, they have moved on from the name-calling debacle. For Valentine’s Day, Melissa does a sexy photo shoot and puts the photos in an album for Joe. Since her aunt died, Melissa realizes she wants Joe to spend more time with their kids. She tells the story of how Joe brought Joey to the wrong school because he didn’t know where he went to school. To make up not always being there, Joe gets a puppy for the family. Such a smart man.

Amber is moving on from the first responders’ party drama. In this episode, she makes amends with the people involved in the conflict. Amber visits Teresa at her wine bottle event. She says that her husband wants to keep a healthy distance from Teresa’s family, but Amber is her own person and can hang out with whoever she wants. When Victoria Gotti shows up at the event, Amber becomes uncomfortable. In response to Victoria inviting her to her house in her side interview, Amber says, “Hold on, let me go into the bathroom to put on my bulletproof vest.” Also, whenever Amber mentions how her husband is an attorney, take a sip of your drink responsibly.

Twins: Throughout this episode, Nicole emphasizes how she is so tired of her family members asking her where she stands with Bobby. Santa and Teresa are concerned Bobby isn’t a “confirmed bachelor.” The twins, their significant others and their parents go out to dinner on Valentine’s Day at one of Rino’s restaurant. During the dinner, Nicole gets interrogated again about her and Bobby’s status. Also, whenever one of the twins say, “she’s my twin, I support her,” or anything along those lines, take a responsible sip of your drink. And with the drama that I am about to tell you about, you might want to take another sip of your drink.

Scandal: After the signing, Victoria invites Teresa and Amber over to her house. Victoria tells the story of how she met Rino. One night, Victoria and her friends were at his restaurant and Rino decided to join them. This all happened while Rino was still divorced from Teresa. Later, Victoria says how she had to have a heart procedure and woke up in the hospital with Rino there holding a Rolex and flowers. Victoria and Rino then become friends. One night, Rino tells Victoria the cause of his divorce was because he cheated on Teresa. Who is the mystery woman who Rino had an affair with? None other than Santa! No, not the fat guy, Teresa’s mom. This is something out of a day-time soap opera, and next episode we’ll see how this unfolds. 

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