'Pretty Little Liars' recap, 'The Silence of E. Lamb'

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A trip to Radley, an awkward dinner and a camera. Here are five things you may have missed from last night’s "Pretty Little Liars":

The rat: When the girls learn that someone placed a dead rat in Paige’s locker, they can only trace it back to one person -- Mona.

At school, Emily’s mom decides to invite Ali (and all the girls) over for dinner. With Aria’s “community service” at Radley and Spencer’s moving date with Ezra, the only two girls who can attend the dinner are Ali and Hana. A suspicious Ali is trying to figure out why Mrs. Fields wants to have a random family dinner, where Hana is sure to remind her that she isn’t A, just Emily’s mom.

Before helping Ezra move the boxes containing all the research for his story, Spencer runs into Melissa at her house. After asking Melissa why her father is staying at her apartment, and why she thinks her parents’ idea of selling the house is a good one, Melissa has some questions of her own. She confronts Spencer about the food that was left in the barn by her sober coach.

Spencer feels the need to help Melissa clean, but when she grabs the garbage bag, a dead rat falls on the ground in front of them.

Haleb: Since he has arrived back in town, Caleb has remained to himself (much like the guy we met in season 1). Although Hana has had a few moments with her, he still seems cold and very stand-offish around her.

When Hana finds the time to talk to Caleb about her current distain for Ali and her plans, he tells her that maybe it is time for her to cut her ties with her “best friend.”

Since he has missed so many days at school, Caleb has to take an entrance exam, to place him in the proper classes for the remainder of the school year; so does Ali.

When Ali enters the test site, she tries to spark a little conversation with Caleb, who warns Ali that he is on to her games, and that she should leave Hana alone.

When Caleb arrives at Hanna’s house after school, she tells him about the message Ali left, and confronts him about interfering and drinking beer. Hana decides that Caleb isn’t right for her at that very moment and kicks him out.

Big Rhonda’s Radley: Aria’s first day at Radley is anything but dull. After her awkward introduction to Eddy Lamb, her first assignment is to help out in the art class (of course, what other way would she investigate the mysterious drawing?) by assisting the girls with their drawings. All is going well until she begins to lay out previous artwork on the table for the girls to copy, and one of the patients call her a “thief.”

A startled Aria is informed by the art teacher that Rhonda is a little upset because the police just interviewed her about her roommate -- the girl they found in Ali’s grave. After finding out that piece of information, Aria decides it is time to investigate more.

When she makes her way to Rhonda’s room, again she is confronted by the upset patient about the stolen drawing. Just in time, Eddy Lamb makes his way into the room, to save Aria from the wrath of big Rhonda. Rhonda thinks it’s time for a shower; Aria thinks it is time to look around her room more.

Aria doesn’t see anything, but barely dodges death when she has to hide under Rhonda’s bed. While she is under there, she notices a name plate that says “Bethany.” But why would it be under Rhonda’s bed?

When Aria finally makes it out, she is on her way out of the hospital when Eddy finds her. He ask her how her first day went, and why she decided to stay so late. Aria can’t figure out what to say, so she leaves the mysterious Eddy standing in the Radley parking lot alone, calling Ezra Fitz.

Mrs. Fields' Dinner: Since Aria is stuck at Radley and Spencer and Ezra are moving boxes from his apartment, Hana is the only friend left who can attend the dinner with Emily, her mother and Ali. After trying to get out of attending the dinner, Emily surprises Hana at her house to ask her why?

Hana tells Emily how tired she is of playing Ali’s game. Emily tells Hana how tired she is of her not giving Ali a chance.

Hana agrees to attend the dinner. When she arrives, the first person she speaks to is Ali, who mentions the voicemail she left Hana earlier (the one that she didn’t respond to). Ali tells Hana that she should keep a clear head and avoid starting anything with Caleb, because he can’t be trusted. Hana disagrees and before dinner starts, finds a little liquor courage to help her get through the evening.

When the girls sit around the table, Mrs. Fields begins to have a conversation with Ali about her alleged kidnapping. While it looks like Emily is taking it in, Hana does not seem fazed or concerned about any of the conversation.

Meanwhile, Spencer and Ezra finally finish moving the boxes from his apartment. After a nice conversation, Spencer asks Ezra if she can possibly borrow his camera. Ezra says yes, and Spencer plants the camera back at her house.

Back at the Fields house, Emily isn’t pleased with Hana’s behavior at the dinner, and confronts her, about the liquor and about her attitude. Before she leaves, Hana informs Emily that she was the only one who believed Ali’s lies at dinner, and suggests she shouldn’t be so gullible.

When Mrs. Fields finally gets the chance to talk to Emily alone, she tells her the real reason she had the dinner was to see how Emily and Ali reacted around each other. Yes, Mrs. Fields knows about Emily’s feeling toward Ali, but can’t figure out if Ali’s are the same.

A Break in the Friendship: Hana makes her way to the brew and runs into “Emily’s friend,” Sydney. The girls begin to have a conversation about Mona, and Jenna. It may be the liquor, but Hana begins to share her feelings about the girls a little too much (mentioning Shana and New York), realizing too late that maybe she shouldn’t have shared those things.

Just as Sydney decides to offer Hana a ride, Caleb walks and Hana stays with him.

Spencer and Melissa have a conversation about their parents, which turns into Melissa mysteriously apologizing for doing something that she may regret for love. (What?)

When Melissa leaves, a puzzled Spencer looks on her camera and sees Ali, in a hooded sweatshirt, walking somewhere alone.

Spencer calls all of the girls over to her house to discuss where Ali could possibly be going, the pictures Aria found at Radley and the dinner. Aria and Emily make it on time, (Aria after learning that Eddy Lamb called Ezra to set up a meeting and never showed up), while Hana shows up just as all of the girls get a message from A.

Hana learns that she is the only one who didn’t get the text message, which mentioned “Hana and her big mouth.” The girls ask her to explain, and of course she can’t, leaving the girls to wonder if Hana has something to do with A and the big plan. Hana is left with all her friends possibly against her.

Nice work, A.

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