'Pretty Little Liars' recap, Into the Deep

Mona isn’t going to let her “best friend's” mom go to jail for a murder she didn’t commit, Hanna wants to post bail for her mother and Emily just wants to enjoy her birthday.

It’s "Pretty Little Liars," so the odds of any of that happening successfully, are very slim.

In the interrogation room, Mona shares with a new (unnamed) Detective the moments that led up to the murder of Detective Wilden. After sharing that she was the one who shot him two (not three) times, Mona thinks she has enough to land her behind bars for murder ... not Ashley.

With the suspicions still in the hair, Mrs. Hastings informs everyone that if the girls have anything to do with Mona’s confession, this will look bad for Ashley’s case. We don’t want that either. Mrs. Hastings also delivers the news that Ashley can walk free on $1 million bail.

What’s with the secret conversation about Allie between Shawna and Jenna? Why are they hiding it?

Paige presents Emily with a surprise birthday gift: The keys to her parent’s lake house, and a chance to meet with a championship coach that could potentially turn Emily’s future in the swimming pool around, and get her back in shape to swim on a collegiate level. After going to Philly and meeting with the coach, he shares his training ideas with Emily, and the ways she can improve in the pool. Emily shares her injury with him, and the trainer agrees that it will take more than six months to get her back into shape, but it still doesn’t guarantee a future in swimming.

Welcome home, Ashley! After an anonymous source post her bail, Ashley is back at home with Hanna, and her new ankle jewelry. Since running into Hanna, Pastor Ted felt it was appropriate to stop by, and visit his old flame.

In more birthday news, Paige, Aria and Spencer have planned a surprise party for Emily. In an attempt to take her mind off of all of the bad that has been going on recently, the girls feel a party with the swim team will help turn her mood around 100 percent.  After an upsetting meeting with the swim coach, Emily makes her way to the lake house unaware of the surprise. Before she is awarded the chance to confront Paige about her failing to tell the coach about her injury, all of her friends come out and surprise her, even a couple of enemies.

Maggie tells Ezra that she is planning on attending school in Seattle, and taking Malcolm with her, he is not pleased with that decision, and ask lawyer Hastings for some help. Although she isn’t able to take his case, she finds another lawyer who can, but also informs him that since he isn’t listed as the father on Malcolm’s birth certificate … it can be a long battle.

Back at Emily’s party she finds some alone time with Paige. During a tearful conversation, the two realize that they won’t have a chance to be together next year, and that 3,000 miles apart can break them. Spencer and Aria decide to get to the bottom of Jenna and Shawna’s conversation about Allie. Aria’s confrontation fails, and sends Shawna and Jenna storming out of the party and into the woods.

Hanna receives a phone call from Mona, saying “You’re welcome” for her mother’s freedom, and Ashley informs Hanna that Pastor Ted is the one who posted her bail. All so confusing! The mother/daughter duo enjoy the time they have together minus all of the extra worries.

In an attempt to look for Spencer in the woods, Emily and Aria run into Jake who was spending his time with a blonde from the swim team for the entire night, and not Aria. Shortly after that encounter, Emily finds a unconscious Jenna floating in the lake, with a gash on the back of her head.

She sure knows how to stop a party.

At the hospital Spencer takes advantage of a moment to talk to Shawna, who informs Spencer that she doesn’t want or need her support in this situation. Shawna also takes the moment to share that it’s not A that everyone should be worried about. It’s Cece Drake.

We didn’t know that A plays the piano, or why “red coat” decided it was okay to break into someone’s house. With only two more weeks until #WorldWarA we are anxious to see what everyone has in store.

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