'Pretty Little Liars' recap, Cover for Me

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Every time we seem to have "Pretty Little Liars" figured out, we are thrown for a loop, and this time the newest A theory is one we didn’t see coming.

Spencer completes a three-day stint in rehab for her pill abuse. After feeling close to her old-self again (aside from the irritability and random flashbacks) she is ready to go back to school and face Rosewood.  Too bad Mrs. Hastings has other plans. After taking away her cellphone, computer, car (life) and time with her friends, Mrs. Hastings introduces Spencer to the one person she will be spending the majority of her time with, Dean … her drug counselor.

In the spirit of spending quality time with new friends; Aria travels to Syracuse to visit her father. Her pre college tour turns into a evening making out at a frat party with an unfamiliar face, and waking up the next morning hung-over with an empty mini bar, and her mystery man shirtless playing guitar on her hotel room floor.

Bold way to get over Ezra Aria!

Back home in Rosewood, Hanna and Emily spend the beginning part of the school day watching Mona and Mike fight, not sure why there is trouble in paradise, the girls notice that Mr. Fitz has returned, and Emily decides it is time to give him a piece of her mind. After confronting Ezra about lying to Aria (and her) she makes it clear that she won’t be attending any of his classes, and that there is no room for him in Rosewood. Trying to avoid conflict, Ezra reminds Emily that he should address the matter with Aria, and that the classroom isn’t the place to talk about this.

Way to try and take the heat off of the situation.

Hanna runs into Detective Holbrook in The Brew. After taking a moment to apologize for kissing him, he shows her an envelope with no address left for him on his car (let’s thank Paige for that) after reading the note that says Ali is alive, Hanna denies writing it, and doesn’t know where or who the note could have possibly came from.  Making sure the detective doesn’t suspect her, Hanna ask  if they are pursuing the matter any further, Holbrook tells Hanna that it is just protocol to ask, and that it could possibly be a harmless prank.

With only her new friend (counselor) Dean to confide in, Spencer tries to find a moment alone with the house phone to call Toby. After leaving him a number of messages, Spencer notices that Toby may be avoiding her.  Spencer also realizes that her flashbacks are becoming more frequent, and more of the events from the night behind Ali’s house are becoming more vivid. After being caught by Dean on the phone, Spencer decides that a good night’s rest will help take her mind off of everything. A decides that a bed full of dirt is the perfect reminder of how deep she is digging her own grave.

Aria’s whirlwind romance at Syracuse is becoming more than a one night stand. After skipping another school tour with Nate, she learns that it is his destiny to attend the prominent University, but his dreams are at the Berkley school of Music.  Nate learns that Aria is a writer, and has just gotten out of a relationship with a “jerk” who lied to her, making their week away and whirlwind romance perfect for them both in this particular moment.  Aria says goodbye and plans on heading back to Rosewood, but not before getting a note from Nate, with his contact info. Hanna’s invite for Travis and his father turned into the perfect opportunity for Travis to ask Hanna out on a date. Although she isn’t quite over Caleb, Hanna can’t say no to Travis. (Who could?)

As soon as Hanna’s moment with Travis kept her morale up … there was Detective Holbrook and Lieutenant Tanner to bring it down. The cops take the opportunity to remind Hanna that they will find out who left the note in Holbrook’s car. Hanna again reminds them that it wasn’t her, and that her friends have nothing to do with it. Not sure whether or not to believe Hanna, the cops agree that it wouldn’t be fair to put her through more grief. 

During her “punishment” jog with Dean, Spencer passes a shovel with hidden in a pit of dirt. In an instant, Spencer has a full flashback of her night with Ali. This time she remembers hitting Ali in the head and delivering the blow that could have possibly “killed” her. As if the flashbacks weren’t enough, Spencer gets a surprise visit from Mrs. Dilaurentis at her house. What seems to be a visit reminding the family about a charity event, Mrs. D uses the opportunity to leave Spencer a cryptic message reminding her that “no mother should have to watch her child die.”

Aria makes it back in town, her first stop Ezra’s apartment.  Ezra tells Aria that he went to New York to return his publishing advance. Aria doesn’t want to hear it, and reminds Ezra how much he has hurt her, and how much she doesn’t forgive him. After telling him to leave Rosewood completely, Ezra tries to do his last good deed, by telling Aria to read the manuscript of his book, because it will help her and her friends.

Emily takes a moment to talk to Mona about her break up with Mike. Mona tells her that she has known about Ezra’s book, and was blackmailed by him to keep all of her illegal activities from being exposed in the pages of his book. Mona warns Emily that all of Ezra’s investigations has led him to believe he knows exactly who the girls have been running from this entire time.

While on her date with Travis, Hanna runs into Mrs. D. Hanna tries to focus on her time with Travis but is interrupted when she notices the cops talking to Mrs. D. After getting a text from Emily, Hanna cuts her date short, and heads to her house.  After Spencer finds her phone, she gets a text from Aria and escapees to Emily’s house without anyone knowing.

When the girls get to Emily’s room, Hanna notices an envelope from Paige, with familiar handwriting.  Before she can mention it, Aria revels that she has read Ezra’s book and Emily mentions her conversation with Mona. Aria tells the girls that according to Ezra, A is Mrs. Dilaurentis.

Yes, Ali’s mom is possibly A!

Spencer is the only one on board with the theory, and uses her flashbacks and visits from Mrs. D to piece it all together. While Hanna uses her witty detective skills to connect Paige to the letter left in Det. Holbrook’s car.

Spencer makes her way back home, and to no avail is caught by her mother. After retreating to her room, Spencer notices the light in the Dilaurentis house, but doesn’t notice the flash of Mrs. D behind her.

Was Mrs. D really in Spencer’s house, and is she really A?  

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