NBC Thursday Comedies: #AnniesMove

Annie moves in with Troy and Abed; Leslie and Ben cause a world war; there's a new hot temp at Dundler-Mifflin; Whitney and Alex decide they need to spend more time together. 

"Community": #AnniesMove is trending in Greendale this week as Annie moves out of the ghetto and into Troy and Abed's fantasy world complete with "Dreamatorium" and room-sized blanket fort. During the move Britta and Shirley pick up a hitchhiking, pothead Jesus, who offends both of them enough to get himself kicked out of the car within minutes. I thought he was the best of both worlds. Jeff tries to avoid helping the group by faking sick to go shopping instead, but we all know that when you try to play hooky, it always come to bite you in the butt. Jeff's bite in the butt comes in the form of the Dean tracking him down at the mall and blackmailing him to hang out. Who doesn't love a little Tex-Mex and some Seal karaoke with a touchy-feely school administrator?

"Parks and Recreation": Leslie and Ben relive their high school glory days in Model UN, while Chris forms a committee to figure out his own relationship issues with Jerry's daughter (Jerry is on the committee, most definitely a conflict of interest). As Denmark, Leslie shows off her negotiating skills with Peru, a.k.a. Ben, but the unresolved feelings between them boil over quickly resulting in a world war. Ben, being the cool, calm and collected guy that he is, tries to get Leslie to wave the whie flag (no those are not dirty underwear, April), but Leslie boldly proclaims, "The only thing I will be waving is your decapitated head on a stick in front of your weaping mother." Wow, someone call the Security Council on that one. Of course, everything is resolved and once again Ben and Leslie decide to be just friends. Let's see how that goes yet again. But mostly importantly, TOM IS BACK IN CITY HALL. "Tick tock, it's Tommy time!"

"The Office": It's Pam's replacement, Kathy's, first day at Dundler-Mifflin, and according to everyone but Jim, she is way hot. Hotter than a pregnant Helen Mirren? That's still to be determined. With her hormones gone wild, Pam is convinced that Jim is lying about not being attracted to Kathy, so she teams up with Dwight to break him. When has teaming up with Dwight ever worked out? In the end, their lie-detecting tests only resulted in Dwight grabbing Jim's junk way too many times and discovering that Jim has high blood pressure (the two incidents are unrelated). Creepy Gabe moment of the episode (because there is always one): He believes the only way to get a girlfriend is to become a drug dealer and get them hooked on blow. Oh, and he also shares with the group that pregnancy is one of the most common fetishes. Hmm, thanks Gabe? In other news, I want to have a jam sesh with Kevin and the Zits (the Zits being Darryl and Andy). Robert California can come too only because he can rock out on the harmonica, but his friends aren't invited.

"Whitney": Whitney plays with Alex's little blue balls. That is all.

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