'Mama Drama' recap, episode 2, Vegas heats up

Our Baltimore Babes once again got the brunt of the wrath from the mother/daughter duos on this week's "Mama Drama."

Last episode's poolside brawl sparked friction between the aggressive twins, Whitney and Britney, and the calm Vanessa and Marcella. The twins' confrontational manner to the security guards is what seals their coffin and gets them officially kicked out of the pool area.

This causes the twins to corral all the team into leaving the pool area. They go on further to claim if one girl gets into a fight then all the other girls have to fight too.

This is what really sparks the divide between the girls ready to throw a punch, and those who want to hold back. On the balcony, the twins confront Vanessa and demand she get involved in future fights; inexplicably this brings Vanessa to tears.

Back in the room, Whitney tries to tell Marcella that she has to throw punches if one of the girls gets hit. Marcella, being a classy lady of Baltimore, does not want to fight just because one of the other girls gets hit. Whitney, clearly not as classy as Marcella, warns her that she will beat up both Marcella and her mother if they hesitate to fight for the other girls.

On the night the girls get a party bus to take them out, Gina and Marcella get split up despite their "invisible umbilical chord." Clearly, a broken mother/daughter bond as strong as theirs can only mean trouble.

Marcella's classiness is put to the test during the in-bus game of truth or dare. Ashley gets dared to kiss Marcella on the mouth but Marcella politely turns down the kiss. Then Marcella gets dared to kiss the next guy she sees. Marcella, being a respectable young lady kisses the man on his hand. All the ladies of the house strongly urge Marcella to really break out of her shell.

Sharon and Marcella get in a fight at the restaurant when Marcella tries to protect her mother's reputation. Sharon claimed Gina is always sick and Marcella countered with calling her ignorant. Ashley steps up to fight for her mother because calling someone ignorant is grounds for reaching across the table and yanking Marcella's perfectly curled hair.

Gina comes to Marcella's defense by making stabbing motions with a fork she snatched, she even starts crying because she is overwhelmed that all the girls are ganging up on Marcella. This fierce loyalty to Marcella makes Gina a target for the other girls later on the party bus.

Following the pulling of Marcella's 100 percent real locks, Loren approaches Marcella. What starts as someone trying to comfort the girl after such a traumatic event turns into Loren plotting against our poor girl.

Loren deliberately gets Sharon mad by telling them Marcella think her and her daughter Ashley are jealous of her. Who wouldn't be jealous of Marcella? She’s from Baltimore and her mother and her always match. What more could you want?

The real fun (fun for us, horror for Marcella) starts when drinks get thrown and Sharon starts literally climbing over people to chase Marcella around the restaurant. Although Marcella has to get back onto the party bus with a group of women who just tried to tear her down, she refuses to fight and cater to their uncontrollable need for confrontation. All she asks is to drop the beef and move on.

Gina gets the best friend award this week for continually protecting Marcella, and even being moved to tears on multiple occasions because of the bravery Marcella showed in such adverse conditions.

Brave she was indeed; even when she got back to the room she put on a tough face for her mother, Gina, (who in a moment of emotional exhaustion was not matching her daughter) so she wouldn't be worried.

But Gina and her mom suffer for their sympathy towards Marcella; the head b---- in charge, Loren, (whose true identity, a pit-bull in a weave, is literally a female dog), targets them.

True, Debbie did confuse Loren with Sharon and did end up making a racist Al Sharpton remark, but still the whole debacle gets blamed on Loren because her voice is all anyone can hear.

By the end, Marcella and Gina are threatening to leave and the fate of their place in the house is hanging on by a thread. Hopefully next week our girls from Baltimore will not have fled Sin City; I need more mother/daughter matching outfit ideas!

Additional juicy quotes from the ladies:

"Predisposed? Who are you, Al Sharpton?" Debbie's remark following Loren claiming eagerness to fight is a predisposed condition in daughters.

"I might be black but I am white America." Sharon getting infuriated at Debbie's Al Sharpton reference.

"It's like living in an insane asylum." Gina reflecting on her current Las Vegas living situation.

"I may be pissed but I am not wasting good food." Ashley at the restaurant scooping steak into a doggy bag following her brawl with Marcella.

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