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'Looking' recaps: Season 1

HBO's "Looking," which premiered in January 2014, follows a trio of gay men in San Francisco as they explore their romantic and interpersonal relationships. Take a look at recaps of the first season, which ran on b's TV Lust blog.

  • 'Looking' finale recap, 'Looking Glass'

    'Looking' finale recap, 'Looking Glass'

    What a relief "Looking" is getting another season. Because while "Looking Glass" satisfyingly hints at where Patrick, Dom and Agustin's lives might be going, nothing feels totally finished. Every episode of "Looking" has followed much the same pattern, with forward-leaning final scenes pushing...

  • 'Looking' recap, 'Looking for a Plus-One'

    'Looking' recap, 'Looking for a Plus-One'

    "Looking for a Plus-One" is brimming with restless energy. Shots are packed with background action and extras. The camera moves almost constantly. And when it’s static, the episode’s characters certainly aren’t. As Patrick prepares for his sister’s wedding, Dom organizes his peri-peri pop-up and...

  • 'Looking' recap, 'Looking in the Mirror'

    'Looking' recap, 'Looking in the Mirror'

    Consider "Looking in the Mirror" a sharp (and often heavy-handed) reminder relationships don't exist in a vacuum. The bubble in which Patrick and Richie's new romance was sequestered last week was always bound to collapse. But Patrick looked like he'd be ready to face the world, or at least his...

  • 'Looking' recap: Looking for the Future'

    'Looking' recap: Looking for the Future'

    Through its first four episodes, "Looking" was always concerned with Patrick (Jonathan Groff) and his view of the world. It didn't seem that way at the beginning, with the lives of Dom (Murray Bartlett) and Agustin (Frankie J. Alvarez) sharing equal weight on screen. And at the show's beginning,...

  • 'Looking' recap: 'Looking for $220/Hour'

    'Looking' recap: 'Looking for $220/Hour'

    The first shot of "Looking for $220/Hour" picks up right where its predecessor left off: With Patrick (Jonathan Groff) and his boss Kevin (Russell Tovey) on opposite sides of a desk playing a video game. It's a deceptive, clever start to an episode where the men of "Looking" finally start to break...

  • 'Looking' recap: 'Looking At Your Browser History'

    'Looking' recap: 'Looking At Your Browser History'

    Did it seem like Patrick (Jonathan Groff) could experience anything more uncomfortable than last episode's failed hook-up with Richie? No? Well... "Looking At Your Browser History" gets off to a cringe-worthy start, with Patrick and work buddy Owen far more drunk at a work party than anyone should...

  • 'Looking' recap, 'Looking for Uncut'

    'Looking' recap, 'Looking for Uncut'

    The discomfort on Patrick's face as he utters a more, uh, colloquial term for "friend with benefits" is pretty good foreshadowing for how the second episode of "Looking" eventually ends. In a candid conversation about sex that is all but guaranteed to spark a few more thinkpieces, Patrick (Jonathan...

  • 'Looking' premiere recap, 'Looking for Now'

    'Looking' premiere recap, 'Looking for Now'

    Opening scenes are tricky. In minutes, writers have to establish a show's tone, make viewers care about fictional strangers and toss the audience a hint at where things are headed over the course of eight (or 12 or 22) episodes. For whatever reason, that's a challenge HBO shows both past and present...

  • HBO's 'Looking' provides genuine, honest look at gay life

    HBO's 'Looking' provides genuine, honest look at gay life

    "Looking," HBO's newest half-hour comedy, is a show about gay men, but that doesn't make it a gay show. Which is not to say the series (which premieres Sunday at 10:30 p.m.) doesn't have gay sexuality at its center. Its central characters are three out men living in San Francisco, the long-reigning...

  • 'Looking' recaps: Season 2

    'Looking' recaps: Season 2

    Take a look at recaps from the second season of HBO's "Looking."