Dexter recap, 'Do you see what I see?'

The future -- it's such a daunting idea for a man who regularly ends the futures of so many people.

But maybe now that he's put the Dark Passenger aside, Dexter can finally learn to curb his kills. Although, if Harrison wasn't enough, it's doubtful that Hannah will be either.

Tonight is all about not seeing, though, especially what's coming in the future.

To begin, Hector Estrada, the man who had Dexter's mother killed, has a parole hearing and is released due to his illness. Dexter sets up a meet with Estrada, pretending to want to sell him drugs. Estrada doesn't see the truth about Dexter, and Dexter doesn't see that Estrada is being tailed by the cops. Woops.

Quinn lost Nadia ... again. In probably one of the worst ways possible, Quinn finds out Nadia moved to Las Vegas and left him, after he just put his career on the line for her. Is anyone else upset about how they ended this story line? They might as well sent her to Disney World or made her a royal heir because I'm not buying it.

Deb goes to visit Arlene and questions her about the counselor's murder. Debs plays hardball, threatening to take away Arlene's kids if she doesn't roll on Hannah. But Deb fails to take into account Arlene's loyalty to Hannah, and the fact that the counselor was actually touching them inappropriately and Hannah saved the girls from him. As far as reasons for murder go, that seems like one of the better ones.

Dexter visits Mathews on his boat. Mathews reveals LaGuerta's suspicions about the Bay Harbor Butcher being Dexter. Dexter makes up some tale about Doakes having a boat at Dexter's marina, and uses that as an explanation for why he moved his boat. Mathews seems to believe Dexter on the surface, failing to see that just as he got played by LaGuerta, he's getting played by Dexter. For almost 40 years on the force, he is one really unsuspecting cop.

Dexter and Deb take Harrison to see a Santa Claus (wonder what he asks for) and Dexter tells Deb about his visit to Mathews. Deb goes back on her "I'm done covering for you" stance to offer to plant evidence for Dexter, right before they take a family photo with Harrison and Santa. Holiday cheer anyone?

Deb's watching LaGuerta as she downs pills. Still not sure how she got prescribed them or why. Hopefully they'll cut down on her craziness, especially her inappropriate "love" for Dexter.

Mathews and LaGuerta discover a tackle box in Doakes' evidence. It leads to a warehouse. Plastic wrap, print on a knife, the fat lady has sung.

Hannah confronts Deb, trying to find a sort of peace. Deb isn't having any of it, reminding Hannah that she plans to put her in jail. Insert dark, ominous music here.

Dexter goes over to Mathews, finding out the good news that he's done investigating Dexter.

Batista calls and says that Deb was in the hospital. Dexter races over. The doctors think she took too many of her anti-anxiety medicine. But Deb tells Dexter that Hannah stopped by the night before. The question is did Hannah poison Deb? Dexter wants to believe that Deb lost count of how many pills she took, but there's a doubt in the back of his mind that maybe Hannah was capable of it.

Dexter goes to Deb's house to find evidence that Hannah was/wasn't there. He checks out Deb's car for anything that could have delivered poison to Deb and caused the crash.

Batista checks in on LaGuerta. He reflects on his enjoyment at the restaurant, and that he wants to retire. As the most honest cop left (he did have his bout with prostitutes), I can't see Miami Homicide heading in a good direction if he leaves.

Dexter comes home to Jaime (who's now vegetarian, thank you for that oh-so-useful piece of information) and Hannah.

There is a quaint domestic dinner scene with Dexter, Hannah and Harrison. She even found him a present: a picture of the two of them. But will it last? Hannah certainly thinks so, which is why I truly don't want her to be guilty.

Dexter finally brings up the subject of Deb's accident, questioning Hannah's involvement in it. Hannah insists she wasn't involved. The fight comes to a low point as both attack the other, almost not on purpose. Even if Hannah isn't guilty, it's hard to have a relationship that has no trust.

Dexter meets with Estrada. Taking him to a shipping container, reminiscent of where Dexter's mother died. It turns out Dexter was set up though, and LaGuerta was following Estrada. Dexter loses Estrada as he tries to escape LaGuerta's search.

Dexter finds out that the water bottle he found in Deb's car was drugged. I'd still question whether it was Hannah that did it, but Dexter seems certain. Without talking to her, Dexter turns Price's poisoned pen over to Deb, handing her the evidence to convict Hannah.

But if he was blind to LaGuerta's trap, could he be blindly playing into Deb's as well?

Dexter goes to visit Hannah, and brings the cops along with him. Her last words, "You should have killed me" don't seem like the words of someone guilty (of this crime at least).

While I hope Hannah will make it to next season, I also hope for world peace and for a credit card with no limit. But I have to accept that things are beyond my control sometimes, and sometimes, I need to get more realistic hopes for this holiday season.

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