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'Dancing With the Stars' recap: Athletes season kicks off with double elimination

Well, right off the bat (sports pun only kind of intended) I can tell you what I don't like about this “Dancing With the Stars” season: They're doing an elimination tonight based on votes received during the show.

So many things wrong with that. First, couples dancing later in the show are receiving votes based solely on popularity because they won't have danced yet.

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'Westworld' recap: 'Reunion' gives us some backstory into park's origins

Bring yourselves back online, my friends. I’m taking a busman’s holiday of sorts from recapping “This Is Us” to recap the, er, challenging “Westworld.”

Y’all want to hear something hilarious? I thought the different time periods in “This Is Us” were difficult to manage. HAHAHAHAHA hoo boy, I crack myself up.

As per usual with this complicated, tightly packed show, there is a LOT to cover here.

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‘Westworld’ Episode 1 recap: 5 things to know about ‘Journey Into Night’ and the start of Season 2

Each week William Lee and Nina Metz recap and discuss the second season of “Westworld,” which airs Sundays on HBO.

Note: Spoilers ahead

We pick up in the aftermath of Season 1, as the park’s robots continue to exact bloody revenge on their human tormentors.


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'Scandal' ends with a bang — and a flurry of tweets
It's handled — 'Scandal' cast and producers pledge 'satisfying' ending as show says goodbye
'The Walking Dead' Season 8 finale recap: An emotional end and a way forward

I’ve got to confess: I teared up a little there. I’m not sure those tears were fairly won on Sunday’s season finale of “The Walking Dead,” an episode that gave us, at last, the end of the All-Out War.

I’m not sure I shouldn’t be approaching the end of the eighth season with the same skepticism that has carried me through seasons 7 and 8 of AMC’s zombie apocalypse series.

But eye moisture is eye moisture.

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