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'This Is Us' finale recap: Wedding bells

Exhale, my friends.

Like the surviving prime Pearsons — Kate, Kevin, Randall, and Rebecca — we’ve been holding our breaths collectively all season long, waiting anxiously for two events: Jack’s death and Kate’s wedding.

We made it through the former with the aid of many tissues, lots of wine (or maybe that was just me) and some folksy caustic wisdom from Dr. K.

Fortunately, the latter is much easier.

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'The Bachelor' finale recap: Arie tries — and fails — to redeem himself; Becca named next Bachelorette

I’m about ready for “The Bachelor” to be over so I can make room for all the other things in my life I’ve been neglecting — the new “Queer Eye,” namely. But because Arie did a takesies backsies on his proposal to Becca K., we have to sit through yet another two-hour episode of his season.

Becca K.

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'The Bachelor' finale recap: Arie proposes to Becca, then changes his mind — and it's as brutal as it sounds

Ahh, Monday night … Part One of the five-hour “Bachelor” season finale that absolutely no one wants or needs. We love “The Bachelor,” but come on — do we really need to spend this much time watching the Arie’s love story unfold?! There is absolutely no one who is that invested in the Kissing Bandit’s relationships.

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'This Is Us' recap: A trip to Vegas gives us a slight break from total emotional devastation

Previously on “This Is Us”: Even the self-aware folksy wisdom of Dr. K couldn’t really patch up our broken hearts.

But do not fear, friends. After some much needed down time for healing, thanks to the Winter Olympics, we’re back with a relatively easy-going episode to ease us back into PearsonLand.

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'The Bachelor' recap: Arie says 'I love you' to two too many women during fantasy suite week

It’s the week of “The Bachelor” we’ve all been waiting for: fantasy suites! Or rather, it’s the night Arie and the women have been waiting for. It’s down to Kendall, Becca K. and Lauren B., who don’t have anything in common except their looks and, well, their boyfriend.

Oh, yeah … and the gang’s in Peru!

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'Homeland' recap: 'Standoff'

After employing aggressive tactics in her quest to reclaim the contents of her computer in the last episode of “Homeland,” Carrie is convinced that her lithium is no longer working.

She pays an unplanned visit to her psychiatrist, with blood still caked on her forehead, to discuss a new medication.

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