Roughly Speaking: Police and protests, Monday's debate, and 'Drunk History'

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'Pitch' premiere recap: A decent first at-bat

Legend has it that 11-time NBA champion Bill Russell would work himself into such knots that he would vomit before big games. Given Russell’s achievements, his pregame queasiness took on the air of intensity and not fear.

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'West Wing' stars to reunite for Clinton campaign in Ohio

If endorsements from fictional political figures carry as much weight as real ones, Hillary Clinton has picked up a big one for her campaign in Ohio this weekend

Stars from beloved political drama “The West Wing” will come together again in Sandusky, Toledo and Cleveland in support of the Democratic nominee in the swing state.

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'Survivor: Millennials vs. Gen X' premiere recap: Get ready for some vast generalizations

We’re back for another season of "Survivor," and it’s a new schtick — Gen X against the millennials. Get ready for a whole lot of gross generalizations, people. Apparently the Millennials don’t want to grow up or get traditional jobs, and the Gen Xers hate social media and work really hard. Sure they do. I never thought I’d say it, but could I get a season of Brains, Beauty, and Brawn? That’d be great.

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'American Horror Story: My Roanoke Nightmare' recap: More creepy house backstory

The second episode of “My Roanoke Nightmare” picks up right where the season premiere left off. We’re offered a little bit more in the way of backstory on the season’s super-creepy house, but left with many (if not more questions) about the menacing figures seen in the forest.

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'Empire' Season 3 premiere recap: The ghost of Rhonda

And we’re back! "Empire" is back for Season 3 and, oh boy, is it a doozey. This week is no light-hearted affair with very few (if any) laugh-out-loud moments. After a summer off, the show dives right into the drama.

First, arguably the most GASP-worthy moment arrives when we finally find out who fell over the balcony during the girl-fight after Hakeem’s disastrous non-wedding at the end of last season.

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Free 45-day trial of Hulu

Get a free 45-day trial to Hulu with an offer from

New subscribers can get trial subscription for free from the daily-deal website and then sign up with a credit card to begin service. The entertainment site, which is similar to Netflix, streams current content from five broadcast networks and also airs original programming.

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