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'Dancing With the Stars' recap: Jordan Fisher is perfect; Sasha Pieterse is eliminated

It's Disney night on “Dancing With the Stars,” and the couples will be dancing in the order of the release date of the movie whose song they're dancing to.

The show opens with a slowed-down version of "It's a Small World" and I don't care what you do to this song, it's still an insidious earworm. Vanessa is in a full-on Snow White costume and WOW does it suit her.

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'Star Trek: Discovery' recap: A glimmer of hope in 'Choose Your Pain'

Episode 5 of “Star Trek: Discovery” brings something that I thought to be lost in the vastness of the space this show operates within — hope.

The episode, titled “Choose Your Pain,” introduces new characters, ratchets up the intensity and delivers a positive step after the show’s rough start.

The episode begins with a dream. Michael imagines herself as Ripper in the teleportation machine.

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'The Deuce' recap: 'Why Me?' sets up the next chapter

“In this town, nothing’s dirty anymore,” Rudy says.

This week on “The Deuce,” it’s a triumphant day for the porn industry in New York City. The courts have dropped all charges against pornography producers, who are now free to film and sell as much porn as they’d like. Though it’s a relatively tame episode in comparison to last week’s shell-shocking “What Kind of Bad?”

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'The Good Place' recap: 'Existential Crisis'

I was out sick for “The Good Place” recap last week, but it’s probably for the best: Episode 4 was one of my least favorite, and yes, I watched it again after my fever went away to be sure of my assessment.

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'The Mayor' recap: The music goes on

Episode 2 of ABC’s “The Mayor” begins with an unlikely question: “What’s more unprofessional — getting an in-office haircut [or] getting an in-office haircut from your mom?”

According to the mayor’s chief of staff, Valentina Barella, neither option is acceptable for an elected official.

Courtney Rose doesn’t care; he’s already turned City Hall into a makeshift barber shop.

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'The Deuce' recap: ‘What Kind of Bad?’

“What Kind of Bad” is a shocking and well-crafted episode that reveals the very real risks and downsides of the life of a sex worker. Too often the entertainment industry shows sex workers as subhuman, disposable characters — usually as the brunt of a tasteless dead hooker or stripper joke.

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