We start the show with a montage/recap of last nights show, and what Randy called one of the most talented casts they've ever had. (I agree-- there have been other amazing contestants, but as a group-- they are really talented). Ryan tells us 45 million people voted last night! I know a lot of people around here TRIED to vote millions of times, but couldn't get through! (Endless frustration)

Disco Week continues, with a group performance. And it's been choreographed by our very own Paula! (she may be crazy, but the girl can dance) Matt admits he downloaded his own song as his ring tone on his phone! Now that's funny. (No Danny... you are NOT a good dancer) But I am actually enjoying this group song-- yes they are lip-synching, but the performance is great!

Ryan stalls, explaining that the girls are still changing their costumes! But Matty G is gone too-- Ryan gives him a hard time about it when he comes back! We get treated to the newest Ford commercial (why do I love these so much?!) We're back and it's time to get down to business.

Yes-- I am nervous.

Lil Rounds goes first- she is sent to the far side of the stage. And Ryan tells us--- her journey ends here. Lil sings and Paula gives her words of encouragement.

Disco Medley! I will refrain from making any comments: I'm sure someone out there loved it.

So Anoop is now in the bottom three, then Matt G and Allison are called up. Allison is also in the bottom three, which means Matt makes the top 5!

Lil is already gone, so we'll see who else is leaving in just a few minutes. It's between Allison and Anoop.

...and it's Anoop going home. Your top 5: Matt, Allison, Danny, Adam, and Kris.

We'll have more in just a few minutes on FOX 17 News at Ten.

April 21, 2009

Fire up the mirrored ball: It's Disco Night on American Idol! The top 7 contestants will be performing songs from the Disco Era, against my better judgement. Remember: because the judges saved Matt Giraud last week (yippeee!), two people will be sent home tomorrow night. Tonight at Ten, we'll be talking about some issues people have had with voting. And reminding everyone that the "866" numbers-- are TOLL FREE. So vote early, vote often!

Also, a little tip: The phone lines have been opening up 15-minutes early the last couple of weeks, so go ahead and start dialing at 8:45!

Show Recap:

Up first: A recap of last week's decision by the judges to save our Matty G! Still just as exciting now, as it was then! However, it is Disco Night, people, and that can't possibly be good. (Hey, there's Vince Neil of Motley Crue!) Wow-- they're not wasting any time tonight: we're ready to go!

Lil Rounds: "I'm Every Woman".

She actually sounds pretty good!

RANDY- it sounded so wild to me. still didn't really show us what kind of artist you would be. KARA-- we've been waiting for you to sing like this, but it wasn't worth the wait. PAULA- tells everyone that Lil actually didn't have a voice yesterday, and it's been a good comeback. SIMON- comments on how sad Lil looks! (I actually think she looks MAD). Glad she had fun, but thinks it's the last week we'll ever see her.

I think Lil's mom might smack Simon-- watch out! Lil says disagrees with the panel, and did a good job. **Randy's comment about showing what kind of artist she would be doesn't seem fair: It's DISCO WEEK! You're making them sing DISCO songs! Do you really think they're going to put out this kind of album? Weird.