The art on display also reflects the couple's travels and is a dynamic mix of bold colors and geometric designs.

"I buy what I appreciate," said Leonard, when asked about his interests in art. "I like color, shapes. I like the free-ness of the colors. The pieces just suited us."

He and Lainy have safaried in Africa and biked in Switzerland, France and Holland. They have hiked in Alaska and the Canadian Rockies and visited China, Russia and Norway, and gone white-water rafting in Yellowstone. They will be married 20 years this May.

Life has slowed for both, and now their favorite destination is the solarium Leonard adores. It extends from what used to be the front of the house down toward the pool. Glass-enclosed and with an irrigation/sprinkler system, the in-ground garden is planted with orchids and a variety of green and flowering plants and is gently lit from the rafters above at night to magical effect.

"If someone sends me a plant, we find a place for it," said Leonard, who has also taken up painting. "Even in winter, I am surrounded by flowers and plants."

"Leonard wanted to make it a place that was more appropriate for Lainy to be with him," Jenkins said of the space. There are a desk, a computer work station, a television and a beautifully rendered model of the Pride of Baltimore, on which he had the privilege of sailing.

On display in the solarium is the flag that draped Schaefer's coffin, presented to Lainy after the services, which she coordinated. But it was clearly Leonard's space before the changes.

"She wanted to be there with him," said Jenkins. "Our job was to make the room a more special place for the two of them to spend time together."

On the coffee table are heavily annotated bird books, with colored strips marking pages covering birds they have seen outside the windows of their home.

"So many different kinds," said Lainy. "Sometimes we can't find them in any of our books. But they are here for us."

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