Adam, uncensored

Orioles centerfielder Adam Jones is one of the many professional athletes who are active on Twitter. He posts his opinions on national sports, interacts with his 11,000-plus followers and keeps Orioles fans in the loop about what he is up to, whether he is heading off to batting practice or he is going jet-skiing in his downtime.

"since im up, i dont really wanna watch sportscenter so its Saved by the Bell reruns. i still love this show" – March 7

"Another day getting to do WHAT I LOVE. Can't complain about that. But I gotta work harder cause others want my job. As they should!!!" – March 5

"Awesome to see how much media attention the Middle Tennessee player that was just killed received. #sarcasm. But I've grown to expect it." – March 4

"Just got done jet skiing. So damn tired. No one came. All good. Was optional haha. Going home to get in the pool. Off twitter for a while." – February 20

"this @_MAXWELL_ is making me feel better already. maaaan i can listen to this all day and its a good chance that i will." – February 20

"I would say let's meet at noon by siesta key. Jet skis are on. First 2 ppl I'll pay for. After that. Ur own your own. #letsgo" – February 20

"Driving in Sarasota is almost as painful as a damn root canal." – February 19

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