Pictures: Getting fit, one on one

It's the season of reckoning. People are coming to terms with last year's mistakes and rallying the fortitude and determination to do something about them. For a lot of folks, that means getting physical. Getting sweaty. Just getting up! Who among us couldn't use a little help? Personal trainers exist for just that. Hiring one is most definitely a luxury. But as far as splurges go, it's one of the few that the angel on your shoulder will approve of. In Baltimore, there are hundreds of personal trainers to choose from -- each with his own arsenal of jumps, lifts and stretches, moves and promises that could either propel you from your sofa or leave you disappointed. After we asked around, at gyms, on Twitter and on Facebook, putting the question to the region's fiterati, a few names kept coming up: trainers whose names were being passed from friend to friend, trainers whose classes needed waiting lists, trainers with numbers saved on the phones of celebrities. These fit five are instructors who have earned reputations for getting results. And each in his or her own distinctive way.
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