Light City 2017 to feature Biz Markie and Dirty Dozen Brass Band, new art installations

Michael C. Hall

Michael C. Hall had plenty to say about playing TV's most loved sociopath. Examples: "I'm in touch regularly with 95 percent of the serial killers in the world." On audience reaction to Dexter: "He kills arguably horrible people and that's why we sort of give him a pass for that. (Applause) ....or even applaud it. " On Dexter's killing habit: "If he just put up pictures of people and put a big X on their face it wouldn't be as interesting. So....umm......I think it's great!" On Dexter vs. David Fisher "People were a lot more concerned about the fact that my character on Six Feet Under got walked all over than Dexter killing people. Which is weird."
Joe Scarnici
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