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The Soap Scene

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TYLER BLACKBURN MOVES FROM ROSEWOOD TO "RAVENSWOOD": Tyler Blackburn, who as Hanna's love interest, Caleb, has been one of the most popular characters on "Pretty Little Liars," will headline the series' fall spinoff, "Ravenswood." While Caleb will be part of the fourth season of "PLL" beginning June 11, he will then travel to "Ravenswood" during the annual "PLL" Halloween special in October and then continue on the new show, which premieres the same night.

"Dallas" is set for a third season on TNT and will return in early 2014. Cast photos now show the character of John Ross, JR Ewing's son, front and center, so expect a lot more JR-like behavior from his offspring.

If the recent "Vampire Diaries" episode featuring the original vampire-werewolf hybrid, Klaus, getting into trouble with protege Marcel and brother Elijah in New Orleans, looked like the preview of a spinoff, that's exactly what it was. The CW will add "The Originals" to its 2013-2014 schedule; the show focusing on the vampire first family.

Victor Newman's often difficult son, Adam, will continue to stir things up on "Young and Restless." Actor Michael Muhney, who has held the role since 2009, signed a new long-term contract.

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