SEAN KANAN BACK ON "GENERAL HOSPITA"L AFTER A 15-YEAR ABSENCE: He last portrayed A.J. Quartermaine on "General Hospital" in 1977, and was replaced by Billy Warlock until the character was supposedly (but not really) killed off in 2010, but Sean Kanan has just returned to one of daytime's juiciest roles. After exiting "GH," the actor spent several years in the part of Deacon Sharpe, first on "Bold and Beautiful," and then on "Young and Restless," before returning to "B&B" earlier this year. Much to the delight of "GH" viewers, Kanan's return is expected to be long term.

The focus will be on "GH's" first family on Thursday, Nov. 22, when SoapNet airs a five-hour Thanksgiving Day special called "Quartermania," featuring past episodes that highlight the clan's wild and wacky antics.

ABC Family Channel is currently in New York filming the pilot episode of its new drama about a troubled teen, "Socio." Guest stars on the episode include Kathy Najimy and Grey Damon. Sam Robards has been cast in the ongoing role of Kyle, the town sheriff.

For those who want to know more about the songs introduced on "Nashville," the weekly documentary web series "On the Record" offers interviews and insight about how each tune complements the show's relationships. It's available for viewing at

"Bold and Beautiful" celebrates 25 years on the air with a new book, "Becoming Bold and Beautiful: 25 Years of Making the World's Most Popular Daytime Soap Opera." The book includes more than 200 photos of the cast and crew at their Los Angeles base and on location. It is widely available.

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