Jimmy Fallon, Ellen DeGeneres spoof Charlie Sheen


Charlie Sheen is a boon for talk-show hosts. The self-destructive star of "Two and a Half Men" has been doing non-stop interviews, tweeting and landing on front pages.

As bizarre and entertaining as those appearances have been, nothing beats a great Jimmy Fallon impersonation of Sheen. In a new video, the "Late Night" host lampoons Sheen's crazed commentary recently by hawking Sheen's new fragrance, "Winning For Men." It's made with tiger blood, of course.

Fallon tweaks actual Sheen quotes, "I'm a bitchin' rockstar" and "The only drug I'm on is Charlie Sheen." He comes up with some of his own, too, such as "What's my name? Carlos Estevez? ¿Come se dice 'winning'?" I see a drinking game here: What did Charlie Sheen say?

Ellen DeGeneres also gets into the Sheen satire during her Thursday show. As most readers know by now, Sheen's drug rehab and recent attacks against his show and its creator, Chuck Lorre, have resulted in production being shut down for the remainder of the season, minus the four episodes that were yet to be filmed.

DeGeneres takes viewers on a "day in the life" tour around her office when she spies a familiar receptionist: Jon Cryer, Sheen's "Two and Half Men" co-star, who is now out of work. Cryer doesn't comment about the Sheen situation, but DeGeneres "compliments him for doing the work of 2 1/2 men." The laughs never end.

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