"`The College Dropout' was an album that made me feel OK being a struggling rapper; it was about a normal dude tryin' to make it." (Virgil Solis / November 25, 2013)

We're used to seeing artists promote forthcoming songs in advance, but ShowYouSuck has flipped that strategy on its head, posting his new song "Gucci Mane" for only 24 hours before taking it off the net.

The WalkingShoe-produced number has a perplexing string arrangement that manages to compliment Show's introspective rhymes about heading out on tour -- and perhaps a fear of swimming.

The tune is the initial release from "Bummer," which will drop "later this month or something," according to Show. At midnight tonight, the song will disappear from the web, only to be re-released on 6/9 with 5 (!!!) separate music videos. Given his proclivity for interesting vids, we're looking forward to seeing what comes next. 

Listen to "Gucci Mane" below. (Remember, you only have until midnight!)



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