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RavenBeer relocates to DuClaw Brewing's facility in Rosedale

RavenBeer, a veteran craft-beer company based in Baltimore, is in the process of relocating its operations, including production, to DuClaw Brewing Co. facility in Rosedale, the two companies said on Friday.

Previously producing out of the Peabody Heights Brewery in Abell, RavenBeer — the makers of brews like Tell Tale Heart IPA, Pendulum Pilsner and other beers with names inspired by Edgar Allan Poe — began brewing in its new home on Thursday, said RavenBeer founder Stephen Demczuk.

Neither brand purchased the other, according to the companies, though an eventual merger is possible, Demczuk said. In July, DuClaw began a search for an investor or buyer, but the RavenBeer relocation is not related, DuClaw marketing director Brian Walsh said.

“Currently, they’ll be separate brands,” Demczuk said. “Things will evolve eventually, and something else could lead to” a potential merger. (Walsh said he was not involved in such discussions, and could not comment on the possibility.)

DuClaw also hired RavenBeer’s Ernie Igot as the new brewmaster for DuClaw’s operations. Igot is now the head brewmaster for both companies, they said.

Demczuk described the move as a business decision that should lead to more annual RavenBeer production. He hopes the move will create new distribution partnerships, facilitated by DuClaw, that will bring RavenBeer to new states. (RavenBeer is currently sold in seven states and Washington D.C.)

He was also motivated to “join forces” with DuClaw to steel the brand in case the craft-beer market turns volatile.

“There may be this bubble [burst] that people are talking about, and maybe people say it’s already started,” Demczuk said. “I’m being a little proactive in reaching out to [DuClaw owner] Dave Benfield, and requesting that we join forces. I’m sure it will be best for both of us in the long run.”

Entering its 20th year in business in 2018, RavenBeer produces seven styles of beers. Kevin Kallaugher, editorial cartoonist for the Baltimore Sun, has designed all of the Poe-related product artwork.

DuClaw Brewing Co. is located at 8901 Yellow Brick Road in Rosedale.




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