Trey Songz rails against MGM National Harbor after being kicked out

After apparently being kicked out of MGM Casino, Trey Songz shares some choice words online.

Sounds like Trey Songz and the casino at MGM National Harbor are not on the best of terms, after the Virginia-born singer-songwriter says he was kicked out of the not-quite-month-old Prince George’s County complex two days before Christmas and had a few expletives-deleted for all concerned.

A rant that Songz posted on Snapchat had little positive to say about the incident, the venue or the police he says were involved.

“A special message for the (expletive) police,” says Songz, in a video that apparently was shot while he was still inside the casino. “(expletive) police, (expletive) y’all, (expletive) police, (expletive) MGM.”

(Later, Songz even adds “(expletive) MGM in Vegas,” even though that casino doesn’t seem to have been involved directly. Clearly, the man was angry.)

The shoot continues in what Songz identifies as the casino’s bathroom and from a car parked outside the building, and we’re afraid not much of it can be quoted on the website of a family newspaper, either. But portions of the video, for those not easily offended, can be found on

In parts of the video that didn’t make it to the BET website, Songz says another patron accosted him and, ultimately, MGM officials “kicked me out of the MGM,” according to the Washington Post

A spokesman for the MGM National Harbor said the company would have no comment, and has a strict policy “not to comment on guest experiences.”

Five days after the National Harbor incident, Songz -- nee Tremaine Neverson -- was arrested following after a performance in Detroit and charged with aggravated assault and assaulting a police officer, according to the AP. 

A court date on those charges is scheduled for Thursday.

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