TMZ footage shows 50 Cent punching female fan at Baltimore Soundstage

During a concert Saturday night at Baltimore Soundstage, 50 Cent appears to have punched a female fan in the chest who pulled the rapper by the arm offstage, as seen in video footage published by TMZ.

In the clip, 50 Cent — who was not scheduled to perform but was a surprise special guest — appears to exchange handshakes with members of the front row in between songs. The woman pulls on the right arm of the rapper, born Curtis Jackson, causing him to jump off the stage. 50 Cent then cocks back his left hand, which is holding the microphone, and appears to punch the fan in the chest. 

Security members and other people from the stage proceed to help 50 Cent back onstage.

“Tell her to come over here,” 50 Cent says into the microphone. The fan, in a white dress and sneakers, then comes on stage, where the rapper appears to whisper in her ear.

The edited TMZ footage then cuts to another moment in the night when the fan is shown dancing by herself on stage. It is not clear from the video if 50 Cent was on stage at the time.

The sold-out concert was a part of New York rap group The Lox’s “Filthy America … It’s Beautiful Tour.”

Through a spokesman, Baltimore Soundstage declined to comment on the incident. A spokeswoman for the Baltimore Police Department said they are not investigating the incident because they haven’t received a complaint related to it. 

50 Cent’s publicist did not immediately respond to requests for comment. 

In 2004, 50 Cent avoided a jail sentence in Massachusetts after accepting a plea deal for an incident where he allegedly jumped into a crowd to confront an audience member who threw a water bottle at him, according to reports. A fight ensued, and three women were reportedly injured from the chaotic scene.

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