Storied nightclub The Paradox announces it will close next year

Baltimore Club institution The Paradox says it will "close forever" in 2016.

Earlier this month, Mount Vernon's Club Hippo closed after 37 years to become a pharmacy. Now, another Baltimore nightlife institution — the Paradox, open since 1991 — seems to be planning its exit.

In the early hours of Tuesday morning, the Facebook page of the Paradox — the pivotal danceclub synonymous with Baltimore Club, the city’s influential house-meets-hip-hop strain of dance music — announced it would “close forever” in “mid-2016.” A final date has not been determined.

The goal of owner Wayne Davis was for the club to reach its 25th anniversary next year, according to the Facebook letter, signed by Davis, titled “The End of an Era.”

“The moments, relationships and lasting friendships created within its walls, [sic] will sustain the spirit and memories for the next generation and beyond,” the letter said. “Until the last dance, we would like to invite everyone to share in the energy, the music and the dance for the final months of this Baltimore treasure.”

Davis did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

Beyond the Paradox’s role in cultivating Baltimore Club (playing host to the genre’s biggest voices like K-Swift, Rod Lee and many others), it also stands out for its lack of alcohol sales. The 13,000-square-foot renovated warehouse in South Baltimore operates three nights per week (Thursday, Friday and Saturday) and stays open until 6 a.m. on weekends.

What many will remember most about the Paradox is its boundless energy. Located at 1310 Russell St., the Paradox has provided an outlet for city residents and visitors to lose themselves to the music that booms over its large sound system. It is a place to dance for hours in a city with a limited options for such a night, and soon it will be gone. (Read the Sun’s review of the Paradox from 2012, after it closed for five weeks of renovation, here.)

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