Onto the music!

Jimmie's Chicken Shack

"Who do we think we are?"

The local favorites wowed the crowd. I swore I would say that, so I did.

Frontman Jimi Haha engaged in some pretty good banter with the audience when he teased all the married men about disappointing their wives.

Jimmie's Chicken Shack threw in a nice mix of covers, taking on Smoke Two Joints by The Toyes/Sublime and Waiting Room by Fugazi. Jimmie's Chicken Shack was the best at covers. Sorry Joan Jett. (Oops! Spolier alert!)

Jimi Haha also made a randy joke about their name being Jimmie's Lickin Sack. Bravo, sir.

Highlights: High, Do Right, Milk

The Hold Steady

"Southtown girls won't blow you away, but you know that they'll stay..."

I'm sorry, I didn't know what their hit was. The Hold Steady isn't really my band, but several people walked by in steampunk outfits while I was spectating them, so there was that.

Highlights: Rock Problems, Southtown Girls, Your Little Hoodrat Friend

Reverend Horton Heat

"Thanks a lot, that makes me feel real good."

Even after more than 25 years, the good Rev is definitely still a draw, and he was very appreciative of his fans. I've never been one for the "big band" scene, but I enjoyed the set. They did a fun cover of Johnny B Good.

Highlights: Jimbo, Spend A Night in the Box, Psychobilly Freakout

Mighty Mighty Bosstones

"This stuff tastes great."

Bucket list! Or just band that I never thought I'd see live, and then I did at the Shindig. Of course we all remember where we were the first time we heard that "knock on wood" song during the ska explosion of the late 1990s.