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Mt. Royal Tavern is back open

The Baltimore Sun

Mt. Royal Tavern fans, rest easy. MRT is open for business again. Owner Ron Carback re-opened the bar on Tuesday after shutting down for the weekend.

Mt. Royal Tavern was ordered closed Thursday by the Baltimore City Health Department after it failed an inspection. A spokesman for the department said the bar lacked hot water in one of the bathrooms and had a fruit fly infestation.

But by Friday, the health department's concerns had already been addressed. Carback installed a new hot water tank and the bathroom has running hot water again.

The bar would have re-opened then, but inspectors weren't able to return until Tuesday.

Carback said people seemed relieved on Tuesday when the tavern re-opened. The news of the beloved dive bar's temporary closing triggered a big freak-out among certain set of Baltimoreans, who feared it would be gone permanently.

Asked why the bar inspires such fandom, Carback said, "I guess people needed their Tavern fix."

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