Dustin Wong will make your dream into music

Dreaming — that crazy thing (Wikipedia is blocked today out of SOPA/PIPA disgust so that's the best you get) that leads to winning lotto numbers, religious awakenings, new crushes and generally freaked-out, what-just-happened reactions — is a singular experience in the purest sense. You can try your hardest to retell a dream but only you know what it was truly like.

That could be comforting to some and incredibly frustrating to others. But what about an artistic interpretation? Baltimore's Dustin Wong, former Ponytail player and trippy, virtuoso guitarist, has taken on a new project — "Say Your Dream, Create a Sound" — that could vividly bring your dreams to life.

The Thrill Jockey press release explains it as so: "Dreamers can tell Dustin about a dream that was significant or surreal, recurring or unusual, by recording a narration to his Soundcloud page (or describing it in a written message sent to his page)." Then, he'll create a piece of music inspired by the dreams, posting selections on his Soundcloud page beginning on Monday, Feb. 20, one day before the release of Wong's second solo album, "Dreams Say, View, Create, Shadow Leads." Submit an entry here.

Watch the new video for "Diagonally Talking Echo," a track from Wong's album, at the top of the post. The pre-sale is going on now.

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