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Dan Deacon releases app for concert interaction

Dan Deacon's live shows have always incorporated the crowd, whether it's a dance battle among fans or a call-and-response chanting session. But now he's taken the crowd interaction a step further with his first app.

Available for iPhone and Android systems, the free app turns a user's phone into a color-changing glowstick. The app — developed by Deacon and other Wham City members including app-programmer Keith Lea, Patrick McMinn, Alan Resnick and Robert O'Brien — is available now, and it doesn't require Wi-Fi or data usage. If that weren't enough, the app includes a "free musical instrument" that resembles the cover of Deacon's new album, "America."

Click here to access the app at iTunes or here for Google Play. Below is a YouTube clip further explaining how the app works.

Deacon plays the Ottobar with Height With Friends, Chester Endersby Gwazda and Alan Resnick on Sept. 15. Tickets ($10) are available here.

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