Animal Collective debuts new music in odd place: BWI Airport

For some reason, Animal Collective chose BWI Airport as the place to debut new music on Wednesday.

Animal Collective fans eager to hear new material can do so today, if they're willing to go to the airport on one of the busiest travel days of the year.

On Wednesday, the experimental pop band originally from Baltimore played new music over the speakers at Baltimore-Washington International Airport, a spokesman for the airport confirmed.

BWI, which highlighted local music this year through live performances and partnerships with Towson University radio station WTMD, worked with the band’s label, Domino Recording Company, to play the tracks, according to BWI’s Jonathan Dean. He directed specific questions about the music to the band, and the group’s publicist replied via email, “No comment today.”

Matt Baetz (who is reportedly band member Avey Tare’s cousin, and the person who tipped fans off to the unannounced debut) posted a message on Instagram, “The album is worth the trek and can be heard best in the bathrooms some observation areas pre security and the big lounge after security.” In the caption, he wrote, “The sounds end at 6 so arrive before then.”

Baetz included the hashtag #floridada, which led to speculation that was the name of the group’s forthcoming album, but on Instagram, Avey Tare clarified — in his allergic-to-the-spacebar way — “Floridada” is the name of a song from their 10th album but it is not the record’s title.

“ThatsASong! ItsAlsoanIdea!!anIdeal!butitisontherecord!!fortherecord,” he wrote in the comments section of a photo depicting the inside of an airplane.

The rumors of the quartet debuting new music at an airport first appeared Wednesday on an Animal Collective Reddit thread titled “THE NEW ALBUM EXISTS.” User “casimik” said he learned from other fans that Baetz had reached out with a tip.

This is not the first time Animal Collective has found inspiration in a Baltimore-area landmark. Their breakthrough album, 2009’s “Merriweather Post Pavilion,” was named after the Columbia venue the band frequented as teenagers. The follow-up, 2012’s “Centipede Hz,” was the group’s last full-length record. 

No word yet on exactly when people outside of BWI will get to hear “Floridada” or any other new Animal Collective music, but it exists, and it is likely coming soon.

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