All Time Low guitarist jumps into bar industry with The Rockwell

The Baltimore Sun

When the bar Vale Tudo changed its name to The Rockwell in June, part of the reason was to have a name better reflect the club's "rock 'n' roll image." Now, it can count a rock 'n' roll figure as an owner.

Jack Barakat of All Time Low, the pop-punk quartet from Towson, recently became a co-owner of the Fells Point bar, according to the band's manager Keith Lazorchak. 

Barakat spoke to the magazine Alternative Press, who first reported the news, about why he wanted to become a co-owner: "There haven’t been that many bars I go that have a rock 'n' roll vibe like there used to be, kind of a craziness to them. It's all about hip-hop and pop and mainstream music," Barakat said. "We don’t have a night where we do club night or whatever. We just want it to be purely a rock bar." Read the full interview here.

On Saturday, Barakat will host a party at The Rockwell (702 S. Broadway) starting at 10 p.m. All Time Low singer Alex Gaskarth will DJ the event. 

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