Fifty-year-old 1st Mariner Arena unharmed after earthquake; 'Quidam' to go on as planned

The Baltimore Sun

1st Mariner Arena, which turns 50 next year, was unharmed after today's earthquake.

Building inspectors toured the facility after the earthquake and found only a few cracks on the walls. "The building's infrastructure is in solid shape," said spokeswoman Jamie Curtis.

Only Cirque du Soleil experienced a glitch as a result of the tremors. The circus was setting up for Wednesday, the first of five nights at the arena, and had to temporarily pause the installation for the building to be evacuated, like most everywhere downtown. 

The circus's engineers also toured the venue after the earthquake and found scant damage.

The show, "Quidam," will go on as planned. There won't be any other programming changes, Curtis said.

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