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1. Harry Potter series comes to an end
J.K. Rowling released "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows," the final chapter to her phenomenally popular series (July 23, 2007)

The troubled pop star gives a lethargic performance in what was billed as her comeback (September 10, 2007)

Denzel Washington stars in the true tale of a Harlem criminal genius (November 2, 2007)

4. Bald Britney exudes both sheer strength, shear madness
People weigh in on the possible meaning behind the pop star's head-shaving incident (February 20, 2007)

Owner, $90,000 in arrears on mortgage, says he's not ready to 'throw in the towel' (Editor's note: The auction was averted) (February 6, 2007)

6. Katie O'Malley's march
The mother of four and Baltimore District Court judge now juggles a new responsibility -- first lady (but don't call her that) (February 5, 2007)

7. Monkey business
Big names take note of a humorous line of novelty T-shirts created by a 2005 University of Maryland graduate (July 9, 2007)

The store was one of 12 7-Elevens that changed their name as a testament to Simpson's creator Matt Groening (July 3, 2007)

9. Rosie the Riveting
O'Donnell became a pop-culture phenomenon on 'The View,' the show she's now leaving (April 26, 2007)

10. Go west, young man
Like Horace Greeley's famed advice, curious sign on I-70 beckons yonder (June 4, 2007)