Andy James

Sun Reporter

Hometown: Baltimore

Current members: Andy James, acoustic guitar, piano and vocals

Founded in: 2003

Style: Southern folk rock

Influenced by: Table Top Poets, Marshall Tucker Band, Tracy Chapman, Garth Brooks, Whitesnake

Notable: Diagnosed with bipolar disorder, James spent ninth and 10th grades in alternative school, which shaped his musical background. In late 2001, James almost lost his life to a heroin addiction before cleaning up. At 20, he's currently working on Talk Back to Me Now, his label debut.

Quotable: "Never give up," James said. "People are going to tell you you can't do things, and you've just got to prove them wrong. I've had people dare me to do things and tell me that I can't do things, and I did it just to spite them. I found out so many things that I didn't even know I could do, but I tried and did it and showed people. Nobody's going to hold me down, and nobody's going to keep me in a rut."

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