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Hometown: Baltimore

Current members: Sean Antanaitis, Moog bass, keys and guitar; David Bergander, drums; Katrina Ford, vocals

Founded in: 2004

Style: new wave, soul, drum and bass

Influenced by: African and Middle Eastern music

Notable: The band released a self-titled debut filled with frantic, tribal grooves in September 2005. Since then, they've gotten more into Middle Eastern music and are adding more percussion to their sound. A second album could drop in the summer or fall, Ford said.

Quotable: "Not to say that this record won't be high energy, but it won't be as immediate high energy as the first one," Ford said. "I think a little more patient, maybe, more crafted. But how it comes out is something totally different, because we're weirdos."

The artist: ilovecelebrationmusic.com

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