Private Eleanor

Hometown: Baltimore

Current members: Austin Stahl, guitar and vocals; Marian Glebes, vocals, bells and percussion; Isaac Gurfinchel, guitar; Chris Merriam, drums and percussion; Bruce Sailer, bass; Drew Stevens, keyboards

Founded in: 2001

Style: indie-rock-folk-pop

Influenced by: Elliott Smith, Wilco and the Decemberists

Notable: For its latest album, No Straight Lines, the band recorded for three days in a studio then took the tracks back to their home base for overdubbing and mixing, which lasted two months, Stahl said.

Quotable: "It was kind of weird how we went to the studio and worked at this breakneck speed and took it home and really, really slowed down," Stahl said. "I think it worked well for the kind of record we made."

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