Wzt Hearts

Sun Staff

Hometown: Baltimore

Current members: Jeff Donaldson, guitar and mixing board; Jason Urick, laptop; and Shaun Slynn, drums and vocals.

Founded in: 2004

Style: Improvisational and experimental rock

Influenced by: Fennefz, Tchis Heat and AMM

Notable: Jeff Donaldson, who plays guitar and mixing board for Wzt Hearts, formerly played in the French Mistake, a math rock band in the late '90s-early 2000s. According to the encyclopedia, math rock is a style of noise rock, characterized by varying sounds, abstract qualities, structures and riffs seen by some as mathematical in their complexity. Most find jazz as an influence.

Quotable: Jason Urick on Wzt Hearts' mission: "The music can sound like everything you've heard before -- or nothing. Each night we play, none of us are sure of what it will sound like. In the eight months of playing together in this form, there has never been any talk between band members about the actual music other than the occasional 'Let's start slow tonight.'"

Also billed: Animal Collective, Gang Gang Dance and Growing.

-- Ashley Burrell

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